Überleben des lebendigenEdit

After using the teleporter on the moon the four characters find themselfs in berlin and with richtofen in control zombies are everywhere they are on a mission to destroy the remnants of Group 935 and eventually end the apocalypse.

Start RooEdit

In this room you will start off with the M1911 and the weapons available are the M14 and the Olympia. There are 2 barriers and 1 door which costs 750 points Quick Revive and a Mystery Box Spawn are right next to each other.

The AlleyEdit

In this area there is 3 barriers and a Mystery Box Spawn. Double Tap Root Beer is found here and the MPL can be found on the wall next to the starting area door. And one of the Russian Flags is hidden beside the Root Beer. Also the door is at the end and cost's 1000 points.


This is the Main Area and has no barriers although the power is nowhere to be found until the player uses the pillars to open the door. The Weapons here are AK-74u, Stakeout and the M16. There are two doors and both cost 1000 points

The Mystery RoomEdit

This room is under construction and has falling bits of construction and this is where the miners tool can be manned.

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