13th Special Warfare Regiment




562 Troops




U.S.-UNSC Conflicts

Formed in 2562, the 13th Special Warfare Regiment "The SPARTAN Killers", was formed in response to the UNSC's deployment of SPARTANs against the U.S. Military. Culling only from the best of the U.S. Special Forces, they underwent intensive training in every single branch of the military, from the USMC Force Recon, to the U.S. Air Force Pararescue Indoctrination. Because of this, and that all had already undergone heavy training, they were the perfect troops to fight SPARTANs.

Attached to almost every frontline unit in the U.S. Armed Forces, the 13th was always discreet about its members' assignments to regular units. Their purpose was to train troops on how to deal with a SPARTAN should they encounter one, and the training, according to statistics, resulted in the deaths of around two hundred SPARTANs during the war.

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