The 33rd Infantry Division, better known as the Trojans, where a U.S. Black Ops Task Force during the Vietnam War. They had a close partnership with the 67th "Reapers" Infiltration Division and cooperated on mant missions together. The CO of the Trojans was Colonel Trevor Smith and the XO was Major William Howlett. Most missions of the Trojans are a success, especially during The Battle of Rhen Tah Prison Camp.


The 33rd has three types of team, each with three teams in them. First is the basic Assault, although mostly just plain out assault teams, they are all-around good. However they lack the extra skill in other fields such as sniping, recconnaisence and demo. Second is the Infiltration Teams, they operate only in the shadows. They mostly gather intel and sabotage enemy equipment/factories. Each infil team has two operatives. The third is the Shock teams, they consist of tanker squads. The Callsign system is of Roman Mythology.

Assault TeamsEdit

Trojan TeamEdit

  • Col Trevor Smith (Titan)
  • Major William Howlett (Neptune)
  • SSgt Anton Strauss (Jupiter)
  • Cpl Loren Kensington (Venus)
  • Pvt Joseph Barrington (Pluto)

Spartan TeamEdit

  • Lt Isaac Kowalski (Saturn)
  • Cpl Thomas Hood (Vulcan)
  • Pvt Kevin Richardson (Romulus)
  • Pvt Andrew Terrance (Mars)

Roman TeamEdit

  • SSgt Trevor James Keegan (Mercury)
  • Cpl Alex Thomson (Securita)
  • Cpl Ethan Wake (Summanus)
  • PFC Gregory Clarke (Sol Invictus)

Infiltration TeamsEdit

Athenian TeamEdit

  • Lt Micheal Red (Apollo)
  • PFC Kelly Dusk (Fortuna)

Persian TeamEdit

  • SSgt Rachel Carrie (Nemesis)
  • Cpl Henry Southgate (Sors)

Maori TeamEdit

  • Cpl Jason Eden (Mithras)
  • Pvt Austin Shepard (Mantus)

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