7.62 Tkiv 85
7.62 Tarkkuskivääri 85


Magazine Size

5 rounds per clip

Unlocked at


Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition


Reload Time

4.9 seconds


400 meters




Very High

Fire Mode


Used by


The 7.62 Tkiv 85 is a Finnish sniper rifle used in Danger Close: Art of War.


"Finnish sniper rifle, built for the Finnish Defence Forces in 1984. This rifle is built with Mosin-Nagant parts, some dating back to 1891. Being widely unknown, the rifle also uses unique 7.62x53mmR rounds"
―In-game description


The weapon appears only in two of the three campaigns in weapon vaults. It appears in the European and Russian campaign, first seen in "Cash for Guns?" in the church tower next to a black violin case, it appears with a woodland camouflage weapon plating and a Zeiss Diavari scope, unlike the variant in Multiplayer and other levels, which has a Schmidt & Bender 4x36 scope. It is seen applied with golden platings in "HVT" in a library at the beginning of the level, this time equipped with its standard Schmidt & Bender scope, the Tkiv is last seen in the European campaign in "Defense of Pyongyang" in one of the buildings leaning on a desk, it has to be picked up and use it on the short sniper duel between the player and the enemy sniper.

In the Russian campaign it is seen and can be picked up in "Payback", it can be a smart alternate for the player's scoped Saritch 308, as the Saritch has less firepower and range than the Tkiv 85, but players still prefer to trade their MP446 for the Tkiv instead of the Saritch. It is not seen until "Crossing the River", laying on one of the many tents the player must clear, and can then be seen lying on an abandoned BTR, but equipped with a bipod and silencer, the player needs this rifle to assassinate a Neo-Soviet lieutenant and his unit. Afterwards seen in "Sky Devils" on one of the cabins, mounted on a window. In "For Russia", a portrait of a bearded hunter is seen on Kadyrov's safehouse, signed "George H.L."


  • This is technically the oldest weapon in the game, as the rifle uses parts dating back to the 1890's.

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