A-4Z Ultra Skyhawk
A-4M VMA-322-1

Used By:

United States Armed Forces

Used In:

Sino-American War, U.S.-UNSC Conflicts

Developed By:

Lockheed Martin

Top Speed:

Mach 1.85


15,750 Pounds Of Munitions


948 Miles

Developed in 2019, the A-4Z Ultra Skyhawk was built to make up for the loss of purpose built attack aircraft during World War III. Lockheed Martin began looking at old designs in order to make the most profit for the least cost. Eventually, they came up with the Ultra Skyhawk, an A-4 which was modified to have a fly by wire control system, glass cockpit, and an improved engine.

Presenting this to the U.S. Government, they were presented a contract on the spot, and began producing the day after.

As hundreds rolled off the production line, they were given to every single branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, save for the Coast Guard. Pilots loved the nimble Ultra Skyhawk on account of its speed, armament, and responsiveness, all of which for them, could spell life or death.

OA4AR C901

The OA-4Z

Flown during the Sino-American War from 2020-2023, the A-4Z became well known by PLA troops for the speed in which it conducted an attack, and the death that could be wrought by it. The aircraft took part in many of the major air raids during the war, including the destruction of the Chinese First Fleet, and the bombing of factories in Beijing, making it possibly the aircraft that won the war.

After the war, most were placed in storage, and remained there until the 2560s, when the United States was fighting another foe. The United Nations Space Command. Brought out of retirement as quickly as humanly possible, the Skyhawks, which numbered around 1,225, were assigned to air wings across the spectrum, from the U.S. Marine Corps' VMAs, to the U.S. Army's 1st Fixed Wing Squadron. The Air Force and Navy still received the majority of the jets.

There were two variants of the aircraft, specifically the vanilla A-4Z Ultra Skyhawk, and the OA-4Z, which was the A-4Z, but with an enlisted observer to help in spotting targets, much more armor, and overall better prepared to do tasks such as tank busting.

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