AFO Kodiak was a group of JTF2 Assaulters specializing in recon and sabotage related missions. They are often deployed in scenarios where they must be silent and use team work effectively. They often work with other teams on missions such as with their preffered comrades, AFO Kestrel of the US Navy SEALs. They are known to be deployed in the midst of battle and complete their objective while the rgular soldiers fight on the front.


  • Jester - CQC and Demolition
  • Mantis - Tech and Marksman
  • Surgeon - Support Gunner and Medic
  • 40K - Anti-Vehicle and Tactician


The following is a list of other AFO teams they have worked with.

  • AFO Raptor - 1st SFOD-D
  • AFO Kestrel - US Navy SEALs

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