This is a parody of Nazi Zombies game mode (in the form of a fanfiction) written by Violetofen4.

I'm new here so I'll do my best, enjoy.

Long days, heat, diligent work. 935 was tough work, even for a notorious doctor.

"Lunch break!" Maxis announced from where he worked. Workers flushed out of the laboratories with relief reflecting on their faces. Richtofen was especially excited, after working long and hard on an especially annoying American.

He was the last one to reach the door, but Maxis called out, "Except for you, Edward."

Richtofen's face paled.

Did he figure out my SEEECRETTSSSS? he thought, mind whirling in a paranoid frenzy.

"I want you to work on-" Maxis began, but Richtofen shoved him in a screaming rage.

"I CAN'T HANDLE THE STRESS!" the german doctor screamed, shoving Maxis straight into the teleporter and hitting the switch.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Maxis yelled but it was too late. The head of 935 was gone.

Richtofen stood, intimidated and hyperventilating.

"I hate to agree with him on this one, but what the hell did you just do? Are you insane, you blew our plans!" one of the voices whined.

"Oh great, now the invisible man is talking to me!" Richtofen continued. Samantha entered the room with her new pet hellhound, who growled and lunged at him. He yelped.

"BAD FREAKISH ZOMBIE DOG, BAD!" Richtofen yelped.

"Awwww Fluffy, you're so cute when you're tearing off people's legs!" Samantha squealed with a creepy ring of joy to it.


Fluffy and Samantha were also gone within seconds. Richtofen felt at ease. He sighed in relief, leaning against the lab wall....and accidently hitting the red button.


Zombies, screaming, "POTATOES", were unleashed. 

Richtofen sprinted in place to get to his lab patients while everyone else ran past him. The bubblegum on the bottom of his shoe was weighing him down. Suddenly everyone died, the end.


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