A Nightmare


Call of Duty: The Big Third


John McCord


January 3, 1948

A Nightmare is the sixth campaign mission of Call of Duty: The Big Third. This is the first mission where the player must fight two factions at once. After the accidental activation of the Die Glocke and the release of dozens of crates worth of Element 115, Thousands of Dead soldiers have been reannimated and now attack humans on sight

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  1. Exit the Bunker
  2. Survive the first wave of Zombies
  3. Get in the tank
  4. Push into the city
  5. Escape the tank before it explodes
  6. Find better weapons
  7. Survive the second wave of zombies
  8. Link up with British forces
  9. Secure the Building
  10. Set up a perimeter
  11. Survive the third wave of Zombies

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