"Smooth landing my ass. It was a massive car wreck."
―Vapor responding to an American reporter after mentioning his landing at Vancouver Airport

Lieutenant Aaron H. Falkner is a Generation III LANCER soldier that participated in the Strike crisis of the 2030s and 2040s. He leads the 37th SSD fireteam Regal under the callsign "Vapor" He is the main playable character in Call of Duty: Phantom War III.

Aaron "Vapor" Falkner
Date of Birth

January 15, 2009 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




5' 11"


172 lbs. (195 in armor)

Blood Type





First Lieutenant


M11A1, AR-H2, any weapon picked up in Campaign




Strike Crisis


37th SSD


Early LifeEdit

Aaron H. Falkner was born as the middle child to a working father and stay-home mother. His father was a veteran of the Gulf War, haivng reached the rank of sergeant. The Falkner's lived a quiet life in their Pittsburgh suburb and Aaron finished high school with average marks. At some point before he was eighteen, he was bestowed with the rank of Eagle Scout. Upon a year in Penn State University, he had dropped out from his failing grades on his nineteenth birthday and enlisted in the US Army with his older brother.

Military CareerEdit

Falkner served in the US Army for 3 years serving in tours of west Africe, before being recruited into the 37th SSD. He was one of the thirty one candidates the passed all training regulations out of the one hundred and fifty three that signed up. Upon his certification, he had hoped to be put into the famous Fireteam Silver, but ended up being assigned to Fireteam Regal much to his disappointment.

Operation: InstabilityEdit

In 2031, intelligence tracked high value target Alexei Koyev to a safehouse in Rio Grande, Argentina. With the Argentine government's approval, Fireteams Regal and Silver are sent to either capture or kill. Captain Jonathan "Arrow" Fierus was in charge of the operation.

Vapor was Regal's newest member at the time Operation: Instability was conducted. He held high suspicions to his former commander once he reported the 37th commander's death, but did not pubicly reveal his speculations. Vapor would later be appointed as a Lieutenant and Fireteam Regal's leader.

Strike Crisis of 2039Edit

Vapor led Fireteam Regal during the Strike Crisis of 2039.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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