Alena Vorshevsky



Appears in

Future Warfare 2


Russian government


Alive (aged 24)

Alena's profile

Alena's dossier in the intro of Operation Crossed Swords

Alena Vorshevsky is a supporting character in Call of Duty: Future Warfare 2. In this game, she's been kidnapped by the OpFor and is rescued by US Marines and Delta Force, only to see half of her rescuers killed by an earthquake and she's forced to escape.


Alena is first seen in Operation Crossed Swords; she's bound and gagged and tortured when US Marines and Delta Force soldiers save her. However, during their extraction an earthquake hits, killing most of the soldiers. Together with the survivors, she escapes Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, where the mission takes place.

She's later seen in other missions, though only in cutscenes.


  • If the player kills her with a one-shot-kill weapon, the mission will fail, but if she is incapacitated and then dies eventually, the player won't be penalized.
  • If Alena dies, the player dies automatically.
  • Alena seems to fear being a hostage the most.


(muffled) "HELP!"

- Alena during Operation Crossed Swords

"You alright?"

- Alena after being rescued.

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