Alpha Squad 72 is a five man squad of Navy S.E.A.L.s. Their leader, Lt. Tasker and the other sqaudmates Sgt. Collins, Cpl. Hodges, Cpl. Moore, and Pfc. Wunderlich, were in charge of POW rescue, disabling bombs, assasinating high value targets, and escorts. They were active between 2016-2021. In 2021 after the capture of Corporal Hodges, the team went on a search and rescue in Argentina to try and free Steven from captivity, although they went missing during the operation.



Name: Lt. Michael Tasker

Primary Weapon: SCAR-H with Red Dot Sight

Secoundary Weapon: M9 Pistol


Name: Sgt. Christopher Collins

Primary Weapon: ACR with Holographic Sight and Grenade Launcher

Secoundary Weapon: Spas-12 with Grip


Name: Cpl. Steven Hodges

Primary Weapon: M4A1 with Extended Mags

Secoundary Weapon: M9 Pistol


Name: Cpl. Tom Moore

Primary Weapon: M4A1

Secoundary Weapon: M9 Pistol


Name: Pfc. Joshua Wunderlich

Primary Weapon: ACR with Red Dot Sight

Secoundary Weapon: M9 Pistol

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