Arthur Emerson
Arthur in the SAS "Killhouse"
Alias Cam, Art, Artie, Emers, CN3, Cyan November 3, Cyan, 11, 3
Gender Male
Hometown HRM, Nova Scotia
Appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations NATO
Status Alive
Birth November 3rd
Weapon P99 (Acquired while training the SPVM), SIG Sauer P226 Equinox, Heckler & Koch MP5K-N, Colt Canada C8 SFW, FN F2000 (Acquired while training with SFG Belgium), G36C (Acquired while training with the GSG 9 and KSK)

Lieutenant Arthur Cameron Emerson was an Joint Task Force 2 operative during the Second Russian Civil War. He operated alongside a joint task force with the SAS, NZSAS and Australian SAS Regiment in multiple operations along with his. He was in AFO November, with the callsign Cyan November 3 or CN3. He was born in the Halifax Regional Municipality area in Nova Scotia.

Physical Appearance

Arthur had dark brown hair which was always cut short, which was covered by his CG634 Helmet or a Blacksuit Hood. He never liked long hair for men and was more comfortable while using headgear. He had bright green eyes which were usually blocked by his NVGs or sometimes even a Gasmask. He had an average build and was of average size - 5' 11". Arthur weighed in at 88 Kilograms. His shoe size was US 13 mens, which was not much a problem for the military to produce boots for.


Arthur was a generally free-spirit and but did not disobey orders. He took the idea of authority in to effect where it mattered. He was very caring of his close friends and was a generally nice person. However, he was angered quite easily but he later on could control it quite easily. He was fun-loving off the field but was cool, calm and serious while in combat.

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