Arthur Spearing
Nickname(s) Sparrow
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations JTF2, CSOR
Status Active Duty
Birth October 2nd, 1985
Weapon M4A1 SOPMOD, M14 EBR, M9, M2 Fragmentation Grenades (8), "9-bang" (4), Winchester Adaptive Combat Rifle, MP5 Kurz

Arthur Spearing was a member of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, Joint Task Force 2, and later the Task Force 141, and NATO Joint Operations Strike Team. His father was from Great Britain, his mother from Nova Scotia, Canada, Arthur being of British-Canadian descent. Arthur's callsign was Sparrow.


Early Life

Arthur was born on October 2nd, 1985, in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, to Linda and William Spearing. He was an average student, somewhat patriotic about his country, and was always interested in joining the military.

He was an average, B-student in his classes, with a fond interest in his British roots, which showed as he studied history of immigration to Nova Scotia by the Scottish.

His grades in school gradually got better as he became older, entering Highschool with AB Honor Roll. After graduating high school, Arthur became interested in joining the military, moving across the country to Colwood, British Columbia, to attend the Royal Roads Military College.

Early Military Career

After he graduated, he became a member of the Canadian Army, serving in the 3rd Battalion, touring in Afghanistan, visiting Kabul, Kandahar, and many other locations.

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