Russian Global Occupation Force


Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Single PVP-5 Cannon on turret, Mounted PKD Machine gun, mounted AGPU grenade launcher, UVP-7 guided missile missile, DDS Mine


Convoy escort, security, defense, airborne assaults

Appears in

The Liberators

The BMD-6 is an improved version of the BMP-2, with a redesigned turret. It now has a radio jammer, as well as a specialized low-heat hull, which helps prevent it from showing up on an infrared scan or on a thermal imaging device. It has multiple armnaments, including a PVP-5 automatic cannon, an captured and improved XM307 grenade launcher, known as the AGPU launcher, a mounted PKD machine gun, and a UVP-7 guided missile. It can also lay DDS mines, which helps it escape pursuit, as it is not the fastest vehicle in the RGOF, and is much slower than other vehicles, such as the Ka-57 Reaper and the UBZ 4x4 vehicle. The vehicle plays an important role in the battlefield, being able to carry a team of 6 troops, as well as a crew of 4. It is very heavily armed, giving it the ability to engage up to four targets at once. The BMD-6 also has 2 AK-116s in the troop hold, modified to use the larger 7.62x60mm bullet fired by the PKD and a larger magazine, and there are two holes for the barrel of the AK to be stuck through, allowing troops to fire outside of the vehicle. The BMD-6 is used for many jobs, such as patrols, scouts, assault, defense, and convoy escort. The BMD-6 is one of the best redesigns of an IFV ever created, and will continue to see service in the RGOF for a long period of time.


There are severe drawbacks to the BMD-6. Being a BMP design, the fuel tanks are still on the rear doors, and if they are hit all the troops inside will be in deep shit, as burning alive is considered 'deep shit' by Webster's Dictionary. However, this is the only non Vidya forced aspect of bullshit, as the developers had to nerf the fuck out of it.

Infinity Treyarch put a LRESB, or Large Red Emergency Stop Button on the back of the BMD-6 to make it easier to neutralize it so that kids playing it won't cry. The LRESB appears on the BMD-6 even on 'Realism' difficulty mode, only unlockable by preordering it at the E3 Call Of Duty: Joint Ops was announced.

The main gun will only engage you after tracking you without you moving for 30 seconds in order to ease the difficulty as well. Multiple people called bullshit, but Infinity Treyarch never patched this.

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