The Battle


On April 27, 2017, Argentina (which is now in control under Armonda Sanchez) attacked Boston, Maccachusetts. B-52 bombers dropped bombs on the unsespecting city.
Type 45 LMG

Type 45 LMG, the weapon used by the Argentine army

The Battle

After a ten minute bombing run, Argentine forces landed in Cape Cod. They quickly made their way to Boston. Once in Boston they made an announcement telling all personal in Boston to leave immediatly or suffer.

The Americans main weapon, the M240

Fifteen minutes after the announcment, 2,000 U.S. forces entered Boston with SCAR-Hs. As some of the soilders carefully made there way through the streets, no one could find the enemy's. BOOOM! Pvt. Fred Turner was shot by an enemy sniper.
Myweapon (3)

The weapon used to assassinate Pvt. Fred Turner. An M29 GGL

The other soilders rushed to cover. What they didn't now, the behind walls they were hiding behind were filled with C4. When the announcement was going on, the Argentine army set C4 all around the city. The sniper had all the C4 switches. BOOOOOOOOM! The buildings blew up and the buildings started to collapse. The entire squad was killed. The battle has begun. The Argentine forces rushed out of the buildings with M16H1s. The U.S. military was ambushed. RPGs and bullets flew across the steets as marines rushed from cover to cover trying not to be hit. The snipers in the city were the biggest problem. But then Cpl. Mark Regen and Sgt. Tom Gillis entered the building of the first sniper. They climbed the thirteen pairs of stairs and reached the sniper's nest. There plan was to chock him, not to shot, they didn't want to alert the other enemies in the building. As they slowly made their way in the doorway with an unsuspecting sound. Ding, ding. There was a claymore. They quickly backed up. The claymore blew up and missed the soilders, the entire floor was alerted. BOOOM! The sniper quickly turned around and killed Sgt. Gillis. Argntine soilders rushed as Cpl. Regen quickly ran down steps, missing the M22 PSL bullet. He could here the soilders above barking orders to eachother. Regen quickly made his way out of the building as American M1 Abrams roared onto the streets. The tank turned its cannon to the thirteenth floor. BLOAW! The building quickly fell apart. Thanks to the tanks, the Americans won the battle.


The Argentine forces fled into helicopters and tryed to escape. The ones left behind were now prisoners of war. As the next day, the United States declared war on Argentina. This then started the Argentine War.


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