Battle of Hawaii
Abrams tanks operating on Oahu


November 1, 2017


January 12, 2018


World War III

U.S. Strength

  • 7 Aircraft Carriers
  • 30 Destroyers
  • 3,000 Infantry
  • 467 Tanks
  • 89 Aircraft

Russia Strength

  • 1 Aircraft Carrier
  • 3 Destroyers
  • 2,678 Infantry
  • 342 Tanks
  • 23 Aircraft


  • U.S. pushes Russian forces out of Hawaii
  • U.S. is able to use Hawaii as staging point for invasion of China
  • Russia is prompted to invade Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia


Hawaiian Islands, U.S.A.

U.S. Commanders

No information

Russian Commanders

No information

 The Battle of Hawaii was one of the largest and most important battles of the World War III. 

The BattleEdit

The U.S. landed tanks and infantry on the islands via supply ships, which were escorted by several aircraft carriers and destroyers. After landing the tanks and infantry pushed toward the islands largest airfield where the rest of Russias air force was located. There were, however, more stationed on a Russian aircraft carrier which had been sent to the battle. Several days into the battle the USS Ronald Reagan launched attack aircraft which were able to surprise the Russian aircraft carrier by flying below radar. They scored several hits on the carrier and it sunk 129 minutes after being abandoned by its crew. After its sinking the remaining Russian ships retreated back to Russia, leaving a sizable force which would prove difficult for the U.S. to defeat.

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