AH-2 HyperCobra
Cobra super
In all its glory...




Numerous rockets, missiles and guns


350 km/h



Used by:

US Forces, Homeland Security

Appears in:

Call of Duty Green Zone

 Bell AH-2 Hyper Cobra Edit

The Bell AH-2 Hyper Cobra is a gunship used the U.S that appeared in Call of Duty: Green Zone. It is the upgraded version of the AH-1Z Viper.

General InfoEdit

The Hyper Cobra has extensively evolved from the AH-1Z Viper.

Here are the changes:

  • Upgraded Bell MM-290 engines fore increased lift and speed
  • Longer wings for additional weapons
  • Upgraded Avonics so the pilot has real time radar and SatNav
  • The gunner also has laser target finders to find targets and designate targets for laser-guided weapons
  • Additional weapons-Hellstorm missles,upgraded rocket pods and AIM-120 AMRAAM's


The purpose of the AH-2 is to provide a very advanced gunship able to destroy heavy armor and support ground troups but also able to defend its self from aireal threats. The AH-2 can destroy battle tanks,helicopters,howitzers etc. The cockpit is state of the art so the gunner can destroy things with ease.

In game information:Edit

The HyperCobra is a very dangerous foe to infantry and tanks. However players must be careful around jet airspace as the AH-2 like all helicopters are prone to being destroyed be fighter jets. To counter this, players should equip defensive measures like flares or ECM Jammers. To strafe effectively, point the nose down and fire rockets/missiles and guns. If done correctly you will rain havoc on enemies!


There is currently 3 variants of the AH-2

  • AH-2A Hyper Cobra for the Army and Marines
  • AH-2N Hyper Cobra for the Navy
  • AH-2S Hyper Cobra for the Special Forces

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