Benjamin Adam Johnson
Nickname(s) Johnson, Corporal
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Rank Corporal
Affiliations USMC, MAC,V-SOG
Status KIA
Death February 9, 1968
Weapon M16 Grenadier, M202 "Grim Reaper"

Corporal Benjamin Adam Johnson was an explosive expert in the United States Marine Corps in the Vietnam War and later in a MAC-V SOG team under the command of Joseph Bowman. Note: This is an expansion of an actual in-game character


Early Life

Benjamin Johnson was born in Chicago on June 14th 1941 in a middle class family to a stay home mother and a hard working father who worked in a fireworks company, launching the explosive spectacles daily. The young Johnson would often accompany his father to shows and gained a passion for explosives and explosions.

While Benjamin was in most cases an average individual with his school performance average and no sports involvement, he excelled by age seven in fireworks and explosives and by age ten he could fully assist his father in his job. However, Johnson eager to find a better line of work decided to join the Marine Corps at age twenty, leaving behind his comfortable urban life for a military one

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