Beretta M92FS


Magazine Size

15 rounds

Unlocked at


Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition


Reload Time

1 second

Rate of Fire



70 meters


Very Low

Fire Mode


Used by

USMC, Shadow PMC

For a variant of this weapon, see M92F.

The Beretta M92FS is an Italian handgun featured in Danger Close: Art of War, used by the United States Marine Corps, the M9FS, also known as M9, is used in all levels of the campaign except Hell's Wings.


The M9 was accepted into service in the 1990's to replace the M1911 in US service, it became the standard issue handgun in the US Military and is used by a variety of countries.

The M92FS can be seen in all levels in the US campaign and in one level of the EU campaign. It is never a starting weapon but can be picked from dead NPCs. It is the sidearm of choice of Pvt. Mike McDonnell and Pvt. Zayden Johns. In the EU campaign, the Shadow PMC leader will use a nickel-plated variant in Cash for Guns?, it can also be picked up from dead NPCs. The gun is never used in the RU campaign.

It is the sidearm of choice of the USMC in Multiplayer, it can employ all attachments available for pistols.


The weapon appears in the first level of the US campaign H-Hour in hands of allied soldiers, the protagonist, Sam Fordson, instead uses an M1911 over the M9 in all levels of the campaign. The weapon is also available in H-Hour and the following levels except Hell's Wings, as the player will be flying an F-15E. It is last seen in The End of Wars and can be picked up from dead NPCs or supply crates.

In the European campaign the M9 is only seen in Cash for Guns? used by the Shadow PMC leader, who uses a nickel-plated version. Nickel-plated M9's can also be picked up from dead soldiers and from supply crates.

Nickelplate M9

Nickel-plated M9


It is the pistol of choice of the USMC, dealing with low damage and low recoil, the weapon has good iron sights and very large ammo capacity, with 15 rounds per magazine, it has the highest amount of rounds per magazine in the pistol category. Using this weapon with a suppressor will cause the weapon to suffer significant range drop in exchange of a stealthy weapon in close quarters. This gun also has the longest range on pistols and deals with good accuracy, making it a versatile handgun at short and medium ranges.

The M9 is a good alternative for automatic handguns, as it has also an unnexistant firecap and has similar damage per bullet than other automatic handguns, plus it deals with long range as other machine pistols.

Using FMJ or Hollow Point on this weapon can be a smart choice as the M9 has low penetration and also a low firepower, using a suppressor with FMJ can maintain the range and penetration of the gun when having a stealth weapon, as the suppressor will cut the range without FMJ, but FMJ will increase range and penetration.

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