November 7 2013 a Russian terrorist group attack the Empire State Building. An elite anti-terrorist unit known as Task force Neptune is formed to fight off the Russian terrorists.


November 7th, 2013

Sgt. Christopher "Noble"

Empire State Building, New York City

I looked out the window of the jeep I was in and looked at the tall buildings covering the New York skyline. Then I looked up at the building in front of me, the Empire State Building. I got out of the jeep and joined the rest of the security officers, standing at the front of the building. I was doing security work there, they were low on security personnel so they called me and some other USMC operatives up. I stood at the door of the building with my pistol ready and kept my eye out for any suspicious activity. There was not much there until I saw a car pull up. I contacted another officer to check it out, but as soon as he reached the car one of the men in the back was reaching from below him. I couldn't see what he was taking out until the officer got too close. I could hear a gunshot and then the officer fell to the ground. The men burst out of the car armed with machine guns and pistols.

We began to open fire on the men. I could hear the shouts of civilians from inside the building as they watched us fighting. We kept firing at the men until another jeep pulled up and another four men with guns burst out of the truck. I could hear the officer in command ordering a retreat and we all rushed inside the building. We made are way upstairs and took position at the windows. I scanned the area with my gun and then as soon as we saw the men we began to open fire. One of the men was carrying something it was an explosive charge he place it at the door of the building, before we could take him down he had blown the door open with the charge.

We rushed downstairs to fight off the men but they pushed us back upstairs. This time we went up to the 3rd floor and met some civilians we rushed them up to the next floor but we stayed down to fight off the men. We all took position at the door, we could hear the men coming. As soon as I saw men emerge we began to shoot, I saw one of our men get hit in the chest and fall to the ground.

I saw one of the men turn his gun at me and then began to open fire. I fell to the ground in pain and saw one of the security officers turn to me. But then he got shot. I edged back towards a chair and lay behind it, I could see the rest of the security officers run up stairs. I was on my own then I picked up my gun and saw the men go upstairs after the rest of the security. I got up and chased the men, I shot at the men, until most of them were dead. One of them turned on me and started shooting, I dodged out of the way and reloaded my gun I aimed it at the man and shot two bullets at his head. I could see that there was only one man left who ran up the stairs. I ran after him and could see that he was heading to the roof where all the civilians were, I chased after him and could see him open the door that led to the roof.

I shot him but missed, he then rolled a Flashbang down at me. I was blinded by the flash but quickly regained sight. I heard him burst out onto the roof and shoot at the civilians. I then followed him onto the roof I saw him shooting at the crowd of civilians, many of them were killed. I took out my knife and ran up at him, he was on the very edge of the building I lunged my knife at him. I then felt a bullet go through my body, the man was killed by my knife but I hit the ground and everything went black.

Chapter 1Edit

November 8 2013

Sgt. Cristopher "Noble"

He's awake...I looked up and saw a man standing over me. He then walked out of the room I was in. I looked at my hands they were stained with blood and so was my chest. That was when I remembered what happened, at the Empire State Building. I looked around the room I was in, It was large and had two beds in it. The man who went out of the room early earlier, walked back in followed by a much older man. I could see he was dressed in an army uniform, he must have been a high ranked officer, a general. I looked at the man a little more carefully he was an African American. The old guy walked up the bed I was lying in, he then began to talk. Sgt. Christopher "Noble", you performed well yesterday morning. You saved many lives, but we can't let these acts of terrorism go unanswered. How are you feeling now? I'm better, I responded. Right, follow me he said. I got out of the bed and followed the General out of the room. We walked through long corridors and met some soldiers on the way, I then looked outside of the building and could see a firing range. We finally reached a large room and the General and I went in. I sat down on a chair and the General joined me. He then started to talk. Right, first of all my name's Gen. Curdis Fitzgerald, and you're Sgt. Christopher "Noble" right? Right, I responded. Ok then, he told me. First of all lets go over what happened, at the Empire State building. I looked up at the ceiling of the room and then turned back to Gen. Curdis. Well I was doing security work.... And then a car pulled up, the men in there kept keeping an eye on the security one of the officers went over to check it out...and he was killed. I thought over what happened next and then told it to the General. We rushed inside and took position on the roof we hit them a few times, we then went upstairs and got all the civilians to go to the roof. Then all the security officers went up another flight of stairs, the men rushed in I got hit and took cover. They pushed the security officers up onto the roof, I then took out three of them. Only one man was left, he was running up the stairs to the roof. I chased him and eventually he got out onto the roof, I hit him with my knife...but he also had shot me. That's all I remember. Gen. Curdis nodded, we need to do something about this group he told me. We need a force to fight them and it looks like we already forming one. I looked up at the General, Is that what this place is about? I asked him. Well that's why we brought you here, the General told me. As soon as we got a helicopter onto the roof we extracted you here. He then slid me a picture, it was an emblem with writing below saying Task Force Neptune. Your our 12​Th member Noble. I looked up at the General, When do I meet the rest of the Task Force? I asked him. He looked outside the window, The rest of the Task force is heading to Russia and you're going with them.... You can meet them there Noble.

Chapter 2 Edit

November 8 2013

Sgt. Christopher "Noble"

Unknown Military Barracks

I walked out of Gen. Curdis's office and made my way through the long corridors, until I reached the exit. I walked outside of the barracks and looked up towards the top of it, it was about 4 floors high and created a large shadow over the firing range. I made my way towards the helicopters, that's where Gen. Curdis would meet me with the gear. In less than a few hours I would be in Russia, but Gen. Curdis still didn't tell me who we were fighting. I figured we were heading to Russia to find out. I then reached a few Chinooks and Black Hawks, I could see a few soldiers in the distance heading for the firing range. I went inside the Black Hawk and checked out the machine-gun I then heard Gen. Curdis coming and I turned around I could see there was a few soldiers with him, helping him out with the gear. I stepped out of the Black Hawk and examined the soldiers, I could see a tall soldier with a Scar-H in one hand and a pistol in the other. Then Gen. Curdis and the soldiers reached me. Is that all General? one of the soldiers asked as he dropped a large backpack. That should be it he responded. Ok Noble this is Cpt. Jason Brooks, Brooks holstered his pistol and shook hands with me. Nice to meet you Brooks, you too he responded. Where's Roach? Brooks asked the soldier behind him, he's coming the guy responded. I noticed the other soldier had a foreign accent. Where's he from I asked Brooks. That's Sgt. Avi Stern he's from Israel. Avi, Gen. Curdis said get over here, the soldier went over to Gen. Curdis. Sgt. Stern this is Sgt. Christopher Noble. As with Brooks I shook hands and then turned over to Gen. Curdis. Where's the rest of the squad? I asked. Well Roach is coming, the rest are in Russia. Roach? I asked Gen. Curdis. There he is now, he pointed over to the exit of the barracks. I looked over at the exit of the barracks and saw a soldier holding an M4. He then reached us and dropped his backpack into the Black Hawk. Roach, this is Sgt. Christopher "Noble" Gen. Curdis told him. Roach then looked up at me, Noble? What kind of name is that? Nice to meet you too I told him. He then smiled at me and started searching through his backpack, you got the Rifles Roach? Avi asked him. He then took a TAR-21 out of the backpack and handed it to Sgt. Stern. Hey Noble take this Roach told me as he took a ACR out of the bag and handed it to me. Where the hell's are pilot? Brooks asked as he looked out onto the Barracks, Gen. Curdis looked at the barracks searching for the pilots. Over there, he told Brooks. The pilots reached the Black Hawk, We've got a heavy load lets take the Chinnok the General told the pilots. We loaded the gear into the Chinnok and then we all went in ourselves, the pilots then got into the cockpit. Lets do this Brooks told us as the helicopter lifted off the airfield, only then I could see the large building clearly. I looked up at the sky as the sun fell and we headed off the Russia, not knowing what danger lay ahead.

Chapter 3Edit

November 9 2013

Sgt. Christopher "Noble"

Russian Airspace

I looked out of the window of the Chinook, We're here, I heard Brooks call. I examined the large mountain, halve covered in snow. I then turned to Brooks who was loading the guns. I took out my ACR and cocked it, as I did with with my M1911. I then turned to the rest of the squad as we landed in a swamp, there was only three of us exculding Gen.Curdis. Lets get the equipment out, Gen. Curdis told us. I took the explosives and dragged them to the large door of the helicopter as it opended slowly. I then left the explosives there and walked outside of the chinnok, it was dark by now and the whole mountain was covered by fog. I turned to Roach who was taking equipment out of the helicopter, So where we heading? I asked him. I dont know shit "Noble" he responded. I waited there for the rest of the squad to come, lets go Gen. Curdis told us. After all of my squad got out of the Chinook we made our way up the large hill. I turned over to the General and walked towards him, Where we heading? I asked. He turned to me, Well, when we reach the top off the hill you'll find out. Lets fill things in he told me, first of all, you may be wandering who we're fighting. I nodded and kept walking, All me know is they're Russian and we are'nt looking at a private company, there's a lot of them. We kept going up the hill until we reached the top of it. Brooks and the rest stopped as we reached a forest. Ok, the safehouse is on the other end of this forest the General told us.

We made our way through the forest, looking out for any friendly's on patrol. I looked up at the sky and saw a red light up in the air. What's that? I asked Brooks. He looked up at the sky as I did, it's a UAV he told me. I followed the General until we reached a slant in the hill. Nearly there the General told us, keep moving. We went down the slant until we could see the top of the safehouse. We then broke through the trees, I looked up as I could see the huge safehouse lit up by the moon. There it is I thought to myself, we're here.

The General stopped there without turning around, We're here he told us. We walked towards the large safehouse as we passed large amounts of friendly troops. We then reached the large walls of the safehouse and Gen. Curdis gave a piece of paper to the guard that was standing there.

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