Pvt Nich: "so who are these guys telling us about some kind of new Assualt rifle or something?"

Pvt Fresco: "I dont have a Clue here Private"

Pvt Nich: "My guess is a Giant (Censored) that will (Censored) the troops don't you agree?"

Pvt Gerald: "Uhh, quit looking at porn Magazines your seriously getting us off topic here"

Pvt Nich: (gets shot in the Head)

Pvt Gerald: "Hey you!"

Black light trooper: "Identify yourselves"

Pvt Gerald: "Pvt Gerald second class serial number 1110006857493291 im a Leo and completely straight sir"

Black light trooper: "how about i just give you the weapon anyway"

Pvt Fresco: "WHATS THE WEAPON!!!"

Pvt Gerald: "It's a Sniper Rifle...(pulls trigger) an Automatic Sniper Rifle!?!"

Pvt Fresco: "lets return it to base"

Overlord: "this is Overlord actual can you describe the contents of the weapon"

Pvt Fresco: "Overlord its just a Automatic sniper Rifle"

Overlord: "Seriously"

Pvt Fresco: "Seriously Overlord, waiting for EVAC"

Overlord: "Fine we're chopping a Task Force to get the weapon"

Then all of a Sudden

Black light troopers: "Take that Osprey Down Now!!"

Pvt Fresco: "FUCK!"

Pvt Gerald: "Overlord come in over"

Overlord: "Overlord actual what the hell is going on down their men"

Pvt Gerald: "Multiple Black light troopers are refusing to give up the weapon we just obtained over"

Overlord: "Okay bring the Black lights near the Overpass and i'll send a Strafe run to clean up the mess"

Pvt Gerald: "roger that overlord out"

Pvt Fresco: (reloading) "CRAP THEIR Everywhere!!"

Pvt Gerald: "we got to get to the overpass"

Delayed for the weekends

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