The Bushmaster ACR is an american assault rifle, that appears in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: WarzoneEdit

"Precisely, mobile and aggresive, the Bushmaster ACR is a perfect weapon for every range. Target acquisition is the trademark of the weapon. The ACR will function in the most extreme of situations, but the lack of damage will sometimes be a problem in close quarters"
―In-game description
Bushmaster ACR
Console codename



27-20 (MP)
60-30 (SP)

Damage Multipliers

1.4x head
1.0x elsewhere

Magazine Size

30 rounds


Assault Rifle

Starting Ammunition

120 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

180 rounds

Reload Time

1.85s loaded
2.03s unloaded

Rate of Fire

850 RPM




Extremely low



Fire Mode

Automatic (3-round burst)

Original sound
Silencer sound
Reload sound
Reload sound
(magazine empty)
Cocking sound

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