"A New Look At World War II"-- Onslaught's slogan

Call Of Duty: Onslaught is a World War Two First Person Shooter developed by Infinity Ward.

Single PlayerEdit

Onslaught's campaign follows the Polish Military throughout World War Two, from 1939-1945. It begins during the Battle Of Wizna, the tutorial level, where you hold out against the Wehrmacht, until your character's position is overrun, and he commits suicide with a captured Nazi Luger. It then jumps to the perspective of a Polish Air Force pilot, dogfighting with the Luftwaffe over Warsaw.

After the fall of Poland, it jumps to RAF 303rd Squadron, where the pilot you played as, whose name is Adrian Nowak, is flying for the Royal Air Force during the Battle Of Britain. After a few levels as Nowak, the perspective jumps to an unnamed Pole fighting for the Soviets during the Battle Of Stalingrad.

Once the Russian campaign is finished, it jumps to Monte Cassino for one level, where you participate in the assault on the monastery, and then to Nowak again for a few levels, before it jumps back to Warsaw for the final campaign, as part of the Warsaw Uprising.


Onslaught's multiplayer was comprised of two distinct battlespaces in each match. There was the ground battles, which were modeled off of Call Of Duty 3's multiplayer, and then there was the air battles, which most players described as the most intense Call Of Duty experience they had ever played.

The two battlezones were interlocked, so if a Nazi bomber went down in the air battle, the aircraft may come crashing down on an unlucky player, or just harmlessly fall outside of the map. Killstreaks were also replced by support from aerial players.

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