Call of duty the fall is a game made by activision

and Treyarch

              Game ModesEdit

Story Mode



Elite Mode (only for elite members)contains survival and missions

Story ModeEdit

Mission Codename Cart Breaker

The mission starts with you talking place as Sgt Jackson the game takes place in 2001 Jackson Micheal And Ken  in a building the player has to go through many things



Multiplayer is a online based mode where you can earn XP and level up and unlock weapons You Can Prestige

at Lvl 60 you can prestige ten times


Breakout, Jail,Prison look only contains cells cafteria and Yard

AirSwipe,Airport,Airporty look with Airplane

Reaction,Factory,Factory look with a outside and asniping tower

Port,Takes place in New York Times Good Sniping Map

Valley,Like a Valley.VERY HUGE MAP which contains a couple of building a waterfall a river camps and tents

Site,UFO,Takes place on UFO.HUGE map very good for close and mid range battles!

Base, Military Base.Big Map Contains Training area Cafteria Resting Area and Main Base


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