Call of Duty: 1945 is a game set in World War II made by Treyarch. It has a larger focus on zombies and multiplay instead of singleplayer.

Singleplayer MissionsEdit

  1. The Rising Sun
  2. Seelow
  3. At the Gates
  4. Iwo Jima
  5. Rhine Crossing
  6. The Reichstag
  7. Okinawa
  8. Shuri Castle


Zombies is what makes Call of Duty: 1945 really shine. It has many new features and perk machines as well as maps that are much larger then the traditional ones. There are several maps.

  1. Lockdown


There are several Co-op missions, many of which take place outside the year 1945.

  1. Proving Grounds


There are 65 levels in multiplayer.


  • Castle - fight in the remains of Shuri Castle, beware of ordnance that never detonated
  • Brandenburg - the remnants of the German Wermacht clash with the Red Army near the Brandenburg Gate
  • Jungle - Clash with a determined enemy in the jungle of Okinawa
  • Beach - storm the beach at Pelilu
  • Hill - take control of a strategically important hill before your enemy does
  • Rhine - two armored giants clash on the banks of the rhine
  • Kursk 1943 - take a step back in history to one of the largest tank battles ever

Game ModesEdit

  1. Rush
  2. Countdown
  3. Domination
  4. Team Deathmatch
  5. Free For All
  6. Capture the Flag
  7. Air Superiority
  8. Ground Superiority
  9. Hardcore Rush
  10. Hardcore Countdown
  11. Hardcore Domination
  12. Hardcore Team Deathmatch
  13. Hardcore Free For All
  14. Hardcore Capture the Flag
  15. Barebones

Weapon AttatchmentsEdit

  • Sniper Scope (Bolt Action and Semi-Auto Rifles only)
  • Aperture Sight (All Weapons except MG42, DP-28, and M1919 Browning)
  • Grenade Launcher (Bolt Action and Semi-Auto Rifles only)
  • Telescopic Scope (All weapons except MG42, DP-28, and M1919 Browning)
  • Grip (All Weapons except MG42, and M1919 Browning)
  • Bipod (LMGs only)
  • Extended Mag (All weapons except Double Barrel Shotgun)
  • Bayonet (Rifles Only)
  • Flash Hider (All Weapons)


Tier 1Edit

  • Bling
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Second Chance
  • Marathon

Tier 2Edit

  • Camoflauge
  • Deep Impact
  • Leightweight
  • Heavyweight

Tier 3Edit

  • Hardline
  • Flak Jacket
  • Iron Lungs
  • Tactical Mask

Vehicle PerksEdit

  • Speed- raises the vehicles top speed at the cost of armor strength
  • Firepower- raises the damage of the vehicles main weapon at the cost of reload time
  • Reload- lowers reload time at the cost of damage from the main weapon
  • Durability- increases the durability of the vehicles part, ex. engine, tracks


  • 3- Radar for 30 seconds
  • 4- Ammo Drop that refills all friendly players ammo
  • 5- Fighter-Bomber Strike on one location
  • 6- Weapon Drop, giving a powerful mounted weapon at the players chosen location
  • 7- Rocket Attack on a large area of the map
  • 8- Upgraded Damage for 75 Seconds
  • 9- Friendly tank enters map until destroyed

In game shopEdit

The game features an in game shop which can be accessed from the pause menu and create-a-class. In the shop you can buy upgrades to vehicles. The upgrades are:

  • Long 50mm gun (Panzer III)
  • Long 75mm gun (Panzer IV)
  • Upgraded Track 1 (Complete for Panzer III)
  • Upgraded Track 2 (Complete for Panzer IV)
  • Upgraded Track 3 (Complete for all German Tanks)
  • 85mm gun (T-34)
  • 122mm gun (JS-1, KV-1)
  • 107mm gun (JS-1, KV-1)
  • Upgraded Track 1 (Complete for T-34)
  • Upgraded Track 2 (Complete for KV-1, JS-1)
  • Upgraded Track 3 (Complete for all Russian Tanks)
  • Long 75mm gun (M4 Sherman)
  • Co-axial Flamethrower (M4 Sherman)
  • Upgraded Track 1
  • Upgraded Track 2 (Complete for M4 Sherman, M36 Slugger)
  • Upgraded Track 3 (Complete for all American Tanks)
  • Anti-tank Rocket 1
  • Anti-tank Rocket 2
  • Anti-tank Rocket 3
  • Anti-tank Rocket 4 (Complete for all air vehicles)

Also in the shop the player can buy vehicles that replace certain vehicles on maps, all players in the game can use them, requiring one person on their team to have the vehicle purchased.

  • Panzer IV---> VK3001 P
  • Tiger----------> King Tiger
  • Elefant-------> Jagdtiger
  • M4 Sherman-----> M6
  • M26 Pershing---> T29
  • M36 Slugger-----> T28
  • T-34---------------> T-44
  • JS-1---------------> JS-3
  • ISU-152----------> Object 704
  • Ju-87 Stuka-----> Fw 190
  • P-47 Thunderbolt---> P-51 Mustang
  • il-2 Shtormovik-----> il-10



Armored Warfare Add OnEdit

Armored Warfare Add On adds three new maps that players can fight on using Soviet and German tanks. The add on adds several vehicles and game mechanics, like the ability to shoot off another tanks track.



Modern Era Add On PackEdit

The Modern Era Add On Pack Introduces several new vehicles and weapons, as well as maps.



Vehicles Edit

Pacific War Add on PackEdit

The Pacific War Add on Pack adds several new multiplayer maps, weapons, vehicles, and kill streaks to the base game. The DLC takes place on the island of Okinawa during WW2, and sees the USMC and US Navy facing off against the Japanese Army and Navy. It includes five multiplayer maps, with one seeing the two navies facing off off the coast of the island in a "what if" scenario in which a battle group led by the USS Missouri faces off against a battle group led by the Yamato for control of the sea. Another feature added is the challenges mode, in challenges mode the players will fight A.I.s on varying air, naval, and even submarine missions.


  • Arisaka
  • Type 100
  • Type 99
  • Nambu
  • M1 Garand
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • Springfield
  • Thompson
  • M1919 Browning
  • M1911
  • Bazooka


  • M3 Stuart
  • Type 95
  • Amphibious Landing Craft
  • Yugumo Class Destroyer
  • Takao Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Yamato
  • Fletcher Class Destroyer
  • Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser
  • USS Missouri

Multiplayer MapsEdit

  • Beach Landing - storm the beach at Iwo Jima
  • Clash of Steel - two massive armadas clash off the coast of Okinawa, the fate of the invasion rests in your hands
  • Ridgeline - Assault a Japanese stronghold on a cliffside on Okinawa
  • Open Watertwo naval task forces clash in the open ocean, fight your way to the enemy carriers before they get yours


  • 3 -  Radar for 30 seconds
  • 5 - Call in a friendly Corsair or Zero to attack an area of the map
  • 7 - Vehicle Drop - Spawn a friendly tank on your location
  • 9 - Calls an artillery strike from friendly battleships on a large area of the map

Ship ChallengesEdit

  • Precious Cargo - Use your Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser to defend friendly cargo vessels from air and surface attacks
  • Strike and Fade - Lead a group of destroyers to raid an enemy submarine pen on the coast of Japan
  • Facing the Beast - Lead a small task force to destroy the Yamato en route to Okinawa

Air ChallengesEdit

  • Preemptive Strike - Lead several squadrons of dive and torpedo bombers against the enemy fleet docked near Japan
  • Tactical Strike - Escort a squadron of B-17s on a bombing run
  • Dead on Arrival - Destroy a squadron of Japanese bombers as they return from a bombing run

Submarine ChallengeEdit

  • Enemy Supplies - Use your submarine to sink transports carrying materials essential to the Japanese nuclear program
  • No Survivors - Destroy retreating Japanese forces before they can escape
  • Miniature AttackerUse several Japanese Mini Subs to sink as many American ships as possible with your torpedoes

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