COD book cover

Call of Duty: Battle Reports is a book about first hand multiplayer games told from one of the players. All the games were played in Call of Duty: United Offensive. It is available in a 160 page paper back and in digital.

It was also a featured article on charlie Intel website on March 30th, 2012. From the book:

"New map. (Hurtgen) Had a really slow start, as people kept running into the minefields. I thought it was funny. Afro Sharpshooter!, Ashley, Mitchabob and I were Germans. We fought against the Americans Sandman, Billy Boy, Bandit and OJ. Bandit loves sniping so he liked the map but OJ did not like how open it was. CJ left early and Mike had to jump out to help someone. So Mitchabob joined the Americans to help even out the teams. Ashley left a little early too. I had two of THE GREATEST shots with the sniper rifle that I have ever had. Mitchabob and Billy Boy were driving across the bridge full speed and I open scoped Mitchabob in the driver's seat. It was incredible. I was not even aiming at him; I was aiming at Billy Boy in the gunner's position. With my next shot I was very far away and Mitch was driving away from me into the fog. All I could see was the spare tire on the back of the jeep and I shot and got him. I could not even see him, it was cool."

For more stories like these please check out the book.

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