Robert Caleb Austin II
Nickname(s) Rob
Whiskey (by his father)
RCA Delta 184
Rank Private First Class
Affiliations US Military
184th Infantry Division
Status Alive
Birth April 17, 1993
Weapon CheyTac Intervention

Private First Class Robert "Robbie" Caleb Austin II (April 17, 1993 - Present) is a United States Army combatant currently serving in Libya with the 184 Infantry Regiment as a sniper. His codename/callsign is "RCA DELTA 184".



Robert Austin was born on April 17, 1993, in Watsonville, California, United States of America. He had a particularly rough childhood, his father, Robert Austin I, being a recovering alcoholic and a veteran of the Vietnam War, also nicknaming his son "Whiskey" because of his alcohol addiction. Robert Sr. would often beat his son during violent rampages, usually after returning from the local tavern down the street from their home. Robbie's mother, Elise Dunham, was a nurse working at the VA in San Francisco, and failed to parent little Robert through most of his early life, causing Rob to form a sort of mental imbalance, which would later force him to take medication in his later adult life. Living conditions in the Austin household were of very low quality, the type of food stored was mostly microwavable TV dinners, supplied by his father. Despite everything, Rob kept his grades up in school and managed to become an honor student at Watsonville High School. Immediately after graduation in 2010, he joined the United States Army, where he was folded into the 184 Infantry Division, a part of the California National Guard.


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