Call of Duty: Modern Combat, is a new CoD developed by Treyarch. It follows a campaign through the Balkans, Scandinavia, and South Korea. The player takes control of characters in the American Air Force, the Swedish army, and the South Korean Army.


The campaign starts off with Private Welch of the Swedish army going through training, he learns grenades, weapons, and tanks. His unit then ships out to the border to stop the Russian advance toward Sweden. After Intense vehicle combat with T-90 tanks, his tank is destroyed, however, he survives along with his driver, Private McNabb. They fight their way through Russian forces to get back to Swedish lines. Meanwhile in the Balkans, the Russians have been gaining territiory without resistance. To change this the player takes control of Sgt. Ryan, the player flies a few sorties from the USS George W. Bush in an F-22 Raptor against the Russians. The player is eventually shot down and stranded in Russian held territory. After radioing for help they must make their way to a clearing in the woods to be rescued by a Pave Low. Elsewhere on the Korean Peninsula, Russia has annexed North Korea, and is now using it as a means of attacking South Korea. The player controls several different soldiers who are attempting to keep the Russians away from the border. In the final level of the campaign, the Russians break through the South Korean lines and the players character is killed. After he is killed however, a news reporter can be heard claiming the United States vows to free South Korea and the other territories Russia has captured, leaving the story open for a sequal.


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