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Task Force 141Edit

  • Captian John Price - Former British SAS Captain. Leader of Team and Longest Serving Member.
  • Sergeant Derek Westbrook known as Frost - Former Delta Force. Price's right hand man.
  • Sergeant Kevin Wallcroft - Former British SAS Tropper.
  • Sergeant Marcus Burns - Former British SAS Tropper. Playable
  • Giraffe - Former U.S Ranger. Explosive Expert.
  • Pillow - Canadian. Sniper. Former JTF2
  • Towel - Mexican. The Driver. Former GAFE
  • Yunon - Former Australian SAS. Sniper
  • MacMillian - Baseplate. The Commander of Task Force 141
  • Nikolai - Pilot

U.S Army RangersEdit

  • Brigadier Marshall - 75th Ranger Regiment Leader
  • Sergeant Foley - Acting Commander of Hunter 2-1
  • Corporal Dunn - Foleys Right Hand Man
  • Private First Class James Ramirez - Tropper
  • Overlord - Commander.


Inner Circle/Op-ForEdit

  • Antalony - Commander of Inner Circle. Main Enemy.
  • Yasim Al-Asad - Commander of Op-For. Cousin to Khaled Al-Asad
  • Dimitri Reznov - Playable Character. Antalony's Guard. Informant to the 141.
  • Alexi Zakheav - Distant Realative to Imran Zakheav. Antalony's Right Hand Man.

U.S Navy SealsEdit

Flashback MissionsEdit

Operation KingfishEdit

  • Lieutennant John MacTavish (Soap) - Task Force 141. Prices Right Hand Man
  • Lieutennant Simon Riley (Ghost) - Task Force 141.
  • Sergeant Gary Sanderson (Roach) - Task Force 141.
  • Sandman - Delta Force.
  • Makarov - AKA Kingfish. Cameo at the end of Operation Kingfish





  • Hotel Oasis, Dubai, UAE
  • Fire Base Pheonix, Afganishtan
  • 75 Miles Outside Kabul, Afganishtan
  • Causcaus Mountains, Russia
  • Credenhill, United Kingdom
  • Somewhere over Afghanistan
  • Georgian/Turkish Border
  • Munich, Germany
  • Ukraine
  • Moscow, Russia
  • 5 Miles of the Coast of Greece
  • Tibet, China
  • Red Zone, Afghanistan
  • Antalony's Villa, Pacific Ocean
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Somewhere above the Alantic Ocean
  • Zakheav International Airport, Moscow, Russia.
  • London, United Kingdom.
  • Southern Russia.


There will be 20 missions in total and 1 bonus mission at the end.

Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit

  • Victory Day - Discuss Inner Circle with President Vorkeshky while in the Victory Day Parade.
  • Old Enemies... - Assault the Safehouse and search for Yasim Al-Asad.
  • ...Old Friends - Rescue Delta Force Solidiers from a Prison in Munich.
  • Operation Kingfish - Flashback. Search the House for Kingfish.
  • Mamma Mia! - Assault a Russian Sumbarine of the coast of Greece
  • Russian Roulete - Defend the last remaning Loyalist Safehouse in Tibet
  • Rangers lead the Way! - Regroup with Task Force 141 at the Safehouse.
  • Hideout - Flashback. Find the Package in the Op-For Headquaters.
  • New World Order - Witness the Meeting between Al-Asad and Antalony

Act 3Edit

  • Golden Gate to Heaven - Find the bomb in San Francisco before it's too late.
  • Remains - Find what is left off Antalony's Safehouse
  • Hijack - Hijack Alexi's Private Jet and Interrogate him.
  • World Domination - Flashback. Pick up Makarov and the reamaning squad from the airport massacre.
  • The End... - Stop the Nuke going off in the London Underground

Bonus MissionEdit

  • Informant - Flashback. Gather as much Information about the Ultranationlists from a base.

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