This mission starts in a V-22 Osprey (driven by Steven Dempsey) with John Riley, Ricky Collin and Toad waiting to be droped off, near a zombie infested bulding (same bulding in the Nacht der Untoten map but more destroyed than it already was) were the Thundergun is said to be.

After landing John, Ricky and Toad have to sneakly make there way to the bulding with out alearting any zombies (if they alert any zombies they will be over run and and most likely killed) after they make it to the bulding they must kill the 3 zombies inside with them screaming becasue it will atracked a hored. After the 3 zombies are carefuly killed they proceed to a glowing room (the room is glowing because the Thundergun is found in the Mystery Box witch glows) were they will find the Thundergun after obtaing the Thundergun they must make it back.

On the way back Ricky falls while he is falling he accidently sprays his gun every were alerting the zombies they must rush back to the V-22 Osprey while killing the zombies.

Weapons use in missonEdit

John's weaponsEdit

  • Starts with a UMP45
  • Secondry M1014

Toad's weaponsEdit

  • Primary MP7
  • Secondry AK-74u

Ricky's weaponsEdit

  • Primary MP5K
  • Secondry USAS 12

Other weaponsEdit

Thudergun (note the Thundergun is not useable due to the fact they need to keeps it's ammo the compleet their plan).

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