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First Person Shooter


Campaign, Multiplayer,OSS, Survival



PEGI: 18


Playstation 3

Xbox 360



Call of Duty: Relentless is a historic first-person shooter set during World War II. It was developed by Liberator and published by Activision for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii-U, and PC.


American CampaignEdit

The first American mission occurs during the Battle of Attu in the Aleutian Islands. Private Chester Quincy, along with Sgt. Milton, Cpl. Sigmon, and Pvt. Hall, clear out several machine guns and defenses belonging to the Japanese. Quincy then destroys two coastal artillery batteries, which allows more American troops to land and forces the Japanese back to Chichagof Harbor.

In the next mission, Quincy helps rescue an ambushed Canadian platoon that was carrying supplies. Quincy and Canadian Cpl. Nathan Bell flank the Japanese defenses and destroy fuel depots. After fighting their way back, they are only greeted with a massive banzai charge. However, Quincy secures the American victory by preventing the Japanese from overrunning their positions.

Canadian CampaignEdit

Private Scott Phillips takes part in the D-Day landings at Juno beach in Normandy. After managing to cross the beach, he is tasked with taking down machine gun nests that has been bogging down the Canadian advance. He destroys the nests, but by now the beach has become overcrowded with landing Canadian troops, making them easy targets for German mortars. Led by Sgt. Clarkson, the squad successfully kill the mortar crews, clearing the way for the Canadian advance.

French Resistance CampaignEdit

The French Resistance campaigns opens to the British retreat from the advancing Germans. Resistance fighters Antoine Loiseau (playable) and Timothy Leopold is tasked with slowing the Germans down, allowing the British to evacuate. Loiseau takes out incoming tanks, and helps defend British artillery.  Loiseau clears out the remaining Germany infantry on Messines Ridge while utilizing artillery strikes.

The next mission begins during the night before D-Day. Loiseau and the other Maquis meet with British paratroopers, and liberate a small village from the Germans. Moving from house to house, Loiseau elimates all German opposition quietly, until two German tanks arrive on the scene. Loiseau destroys both with explosives and takes out incoming troops. Loiseau and the others break into a nearby power plant afterwards, and sabotage it.

The French resistance is then tasked with destroying the Peugeot truck factory and finding information on troop movements. While other agents distract the guards with a game of soccer, Leopold and Loiseau infiltrate the factory. They silently make their way to the command center, placing explosives as they go. They make it to the command center and steal the documents, but they are discovered and the alarm is sounded. Forced to flee, they detonate the explosives and fight their way through the assembly lines and welding machines, eventually making it to the depot. They steal a truck and flee.

However, they are pursued by German troops in trucks and motorcycles. Leopold drives the truck onto a paved road, and radios command for backup. Command explains that an armoured division is waiting in a nearby forest. While Loiseau shoots the enemies, Leopold outruns the pursuing Germans until the engine begins to die. Slowing down, they are about to be caught when friendly tanks rescue them. Loiseau hands the information over to command, his mission accomplished.

Soviet CampaignEdit


Act 1Edit

  • Arctic Landing - Clear out Japanese coastal defenses on Attu Island (American)
  • Arctic Charge - Liberate Attu Island (American)
  • The Miracle - Protect the British retreat in northern France (French)

Act 2Edit

  • Sabotage - Right before D-Day, liberate a small French village and take out a power plant (French)
  • Juno - Establish a beachhead on Juno beach (Canadian)
  • Truck Factory - Sabotage the truck factory and steal enemy documents (French)
  • Escape - Escape the pursuing Germans (French)


OSS mode is the succesor to Special Ops of previous games. OSS includes one and two player cooperative missions, which are faster-paced and more difficult to complete, though shorter, than campaign missions. Ranking and XP returns, which can be gained by completing missions on different difficulties. Missions are unlocked by achieving higher ranks. There are a total of 25 OSS missions, one of which must be played on cooperative because one player provides support from a tank.



  • Basic Training - Complete an obstable course


  • Armoured Support - Work with a T34 to clear a Russian village






The multiplayer builds upon the old games while adding new features.


One of the biggest features of the game is Customization. Like Ghosts, players may edit how their soldier looks. However, much more options have been implemted. Players may choose head type, headgear, body type, upper body, lower body, and face paint. The emblem editor has returned, with 64 layers to choose from to edit the player's emblem. In additon, 510 titles have been added that the player may add to their playercard.


Create-A-Class now includes the Pick 13 system. The 3 extra slots are now for scorestreaks. However, a player can sacrifice his scorestreaks in exchange for picking other class options.


Completing challenges will unlock pro perks.

Tier 1Edit

  • Marathon - Sprint for a longer amount of time
    • Pro - Sprint indefinitely
  • Scavenger - Pick up dropped bags of ammunition
    • Pro - Bags refill explosives
  • Esponiage - Undetected by AI controlled scorestreaks
    • Pro - A target will not appear above the player during player-controlled scorestreaks
  • Tactician - Increase the speed of capturing objectives
    • Pro - Increase the speed of planting and defusing bombs
  • Double Agent - Undetected by enemy UAV
    • Pro - No red nametag appears when targeted

Tier 2Edit

  • Lightweight - Increase movement speed by 7%.
    • Pro - Mantle objects faster
  • Hardline - Scorestreaks require less points
    • Pro - Reroll care packages
  • Sleight of Hand - Reload faster
    • Pro - Switch weapons faster
  • Flak Jacket - Increased resistance to explosives
    • Pro - Even more increased resistance to explosives
  • Quick Draw - Aim down sights faster
    • Pro - Weapon ready faster after sprinting

Tier 3Edit

  • Shell Shock - Reduces the effects of stun grenades and mustard gas
    • Pro - Increases the effects of your own stun grenades and mustard gas
  • Sapper - Highlight enemy equipment
    • Pro - Hack enemy equipment
  • Dead Silence - Move silently
    • Pro - Hold breath longer
  • Amplify - Enemies are louder
    • Pro - No fall damage
  • Steady Aim - Better accuracy when hip firing
    • Pro - Knife faster


  • Danger Close - Take a second lethal
  • Gunfighter - Take a second primary weapon
  • Gunslinger - Take a second secondary weapon
  • Loaded for Bear - Take a second type of equipment
  • Perk 1 Greed - Take a second Perk 1
  • Perk 2 Greed - Take a second Perk 2
  • Perk 3 Greed - Take a second Perk 3
  • Warlord - Put 3 attachments on your primary weapon


Score Requirement

Scorestreak Description
300 Recon Plane Deploy an aerial surveillance plane to locate enemies on the map. Provides 10 score towards the player's scorestreak whenever a player on their team kills an enemy (Recon Assist)
400 Care Package Call in a Care Package drop that offers a random scorestreak
450 Counter-Recon Plane Deploy an aerial plane that jams enemy map. Provides 10 score towards the player's scorestreak whenever a player on their team kills an enemy (Counter-Recon Assist)
525 V2 Rocket Control a V2 rocket as it heads toward the ground. Provides 25 score towards the player's scorestreak for every kill (V2 Kill)
600 AA Gun Airdrop an AA gun that targets all aerial killstreaks and infinite ammunition. Provides 25 score towards the player's scorestreak for every killstreak shotdown (AA Kill)
650 Mortar Strike Target 3 areas to bombard
750 Firebomb Drops firebombs that set the map on fire on a designated spot on the map. Provides 25 score toward the player's scorestreak for every kill (Firebomb kill)
825 Emergency Airdrop Drops 4 care packages
900 Bunker Buster Control 5 V2 rockets in a row
950 Sikorsky R-4 Call in an attack helicopter. Provides 25 score toward the player's score for every kill (Sikorsy Kill)
1200 Mosquito Shows both enemy position and direction on the map. Cannot be shot down. Provides 10 score towards the player's scorestreak whenever a player on their team kills an enemy (Mosquito Assist)
1400 Railgun Railgun bombards a significant portion of the map. Buildings can be affected as well.
1550 Black Cat Gunner Control the gunner of a PBY Catalina


Once the player has reached level 50, they may prestige. Players keep all their challenges and weapons xp after prestiging, though they must unlock it again. Upon prestiging, players will be able to permanently unlock one weapon, equipment, or perk. There are 10 levels of prestige. Each prestige level will give a player a title which the player may put in front of their name. They are:

  • Duke
  • Prince
  • King
  • Sultan
  • Tsar
  • President
  • Emperor
  • Caesar
  • Overlord
  • El Presidente

Once the player reaches Level 50, Prestige 10, the player will be given the level of Prestige Master and the title of Master.


Players can unlock camouflages by getting headshots with a certain weapon. Gold camouflage returns. In order to get gold camouflage players must reach the maximum level weapon of 30, 100 headshots, and complete all challenges for the weapon.

  • Yankee (5 Headshots)
  • Canuck (20 Headshots)
  • Reich (30 Headshots)
  • Red (45 Headshots)
  • Tricolour (60 Headshots)
  • Rising Sun (75 Headshots)
  • Royal (100 Headshots)
  • Gold


  • Beachhead - Wehrmacht vs Canadian Army - Large map on Juno beach. There are long range lines of sight across bunkers and complexes, while a system of trenches crisscross the beach. Debris gives players cover while traversing the beach, though aerial killstreaks can run wild.
  • Betio - IJA vs Marines - Medium sized map on Betio Island. A crashed plane provdes cover in the center, connecting several different paths that criss cross the map.
  • Industry - Wehrmacht vs Red Army - A medium sized hidden Soviet factory east of the Urals. There are long range gunfights across the pathway in the center of the map, while there are short range gunfights across the factory floor. Get to cover or be caught in the crossfire.
  • Market Garden - Wehrmacht vs Canadian Army - A small sized map in Holland. A bridge divides the map into 2, with buildings and roadways on either side.
  • Los Angeles - IJA vs Marines - A medium sized map where fast paced engagements and trucks and cars and other cover give the player plently of of options to traverse either the offices, the highway, or the apartments.
  • Propaganda - Wehrmacht vs Canadian Army - Medium size map at a German propaganda studio. Snipers can have overwatch from the Atlantic Wall, there are long range gunfights across North Africa, medium range in Paris, and short range in Moscow.
  • Reich - Wehrmacht vs Red Army - Medium sized map in the Reichstag during Christmas. Close range gunfights dominate the two indoor levels, while there are open ended sections outside the Reichstag.
  • Square - Wehrmacht vs Red Army - Smallest map in the game and perfect for fast-paced action. There are two small buildings on the north and south sides of the map, with the square in the middle. Destroyed tanks and debris provide cover when traversing the center. Players may also get across by travelling in an underground bunker on the west side, or hiding behin debris on the right. There are many sightlines for submachine guns and rifles in the center, while the buildings provide overwatch.
  • Station - Wehrmacht vs Red Army - Large map at a German train depot. Scrapped trains and box cars provide cover in the center, while complexes on the sides provide good vantage points and sniper positions.


  • Harbor - IJA vs Marines - Medium-large sized, multi-layered map in the snow. There is a large open square in the center, with several buildings, catwalks, and rooftops surrounding it. All parts of the map are connected to this square, making it a highly contested area. There are CQC fights along the docking areas on the west side of the map, while a large warehouse on the east side is perfect for medium ranged gunfights.
  • Wharf - Wehrmacht vs Canadian Army - German agents have been sent here to this medium sized map in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Watchtowers and buildings provide cover in the west and north sides of the map, while a large fishing complex is in the middle. Surrounding this complex is piers, walkways, and frozen ice.



  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free for All
  • Domination
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Demolition
  • Capture the Flag
  • War
  • Hardpoint
  • King of the Hill - Players fight over one central location on the map. Available in Ground War.
  • Headquarters
  • Search and Destroy


  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Capture the Flag
  • Search and Destroy


  • Gun Game
  • One in the Chamber
  • Sharpshooter
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Infected
  • Drop Zone


Main article: Call of Duty: Relentless challenges

Challenges remain unchanged from previous games. Upon presitiging, a new set of challenges titled Prestige will be unlocked. In addition, there are new Map Challenges.


  • Canadian Army - For the Queen
  • French Resistance - For liberty
  • Marines - For freedom
  • Red Army - For our comrades
  • Wehrmacht - For the Reich
  • Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) - For honor




Bronze (10G)Edit

  • Alyeska - Take out the Japanese defenses. Complete "Arctic Landing" on any difficulty.
  • The Last Frontier - Liberate Chicagof Harbor. Complete "Arctic Charge" on any difficulty.
  • The Miracle - Help the British escape. Complete "Protectors" on any difficulty.
  • Plan BLEU - Destroy the German power station. Complete "Liberators" on any difficulty.
  • Overlord - Take Juno beach. Complete "Juno" on any difficulty.
  • The Beautiful Game - Sabotage the factory. Complete "Truck Factory" on any difficulty.
  • The Great Escape - Escape from the factory. Complete "Escape" on any difficulty.

Silver (25G)Edit

  • La Resistance - Complete the French Resistance campaign on Veteran

Gold (50G)Edit

  • The Victor - Win World War II and complete the campaign on Veteran


Bronze (10G)Edit

  • Historian - Find all 48 Intel
  • Choose Your Own Adventure - Complete a level with a customized loadout
  • Number 1 - In cooperative campaign, complete a level with a score higher than your partner's
  • No One Left Behind - Save all of the civilians in "Liberators"


Bronze (10G)Edit

  • Just Getting Started - Become ranked in League Player
  • Lone Gun - Win a Survival Game match

Silver (25G)Edit

  • Sarge - Prestige once


Like Modern Warfare 3, DLC is released in monthly Content Packs starting in January until September. Those who buy the Season Pass will get each map for free, and those who don't have the pass will have to pay for each one. For the first time, campaign missions are released as DLC. These missions follow an alternate timeline where America invaded Japan at the end of World War II.


  • Olympic - Campaign Mission - Establish a beachead on Kyushu.
  • Harbor - Multiplayer Map
  • Occupation - Multiplayer Map
  • Incoming Launch - OSS mission


  • Personalisation Packs: Cossack Camouflage, Reticles, Calling Card; Johhny Reb Camouflage, Reticles, Calling Card; Roman Camouflage, Reticles, Calling Card. The Season Pass lets you get one pack free.
  • Slough - Survival Map




  • Personalisation Packs: Zodiac Camouflage, Reticles, Calling Card; Zeus Camouflage, Reticles, Calling Card; Lady Liberty Camouflage, Reticles, Calling Card.
  • Wharf - Multiplayer Map




  • All new Survival Mode Map: Zum Tod (English: To the Death). It is also comes with a new gamemode, Transport Mode, which is the equivalent to Tranzit. Zum Tod is the largest Survival map to be released, and is split into five main locations, which are Bunker, Airport, Market, Factory, and Reichstag. The map has the Germans defending Berlin from the Russians.
  • A new weapon: the StG 44 assault rifle.


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