The Call of Duty: Suicide Kings series is a wiki series made by Jake Lawrence. It is about PFC Ryan Myers, who gets sent to war and joins a strange unit known as:" The Suicide Kings". Myers first realizes something's up when he gets a bomb-vest as a bullet-proof vest and he is told to write "Goodbye Letters" to his family


Afghanistan, Feb. 12, 2013

Ft. SK


The stories focus on Ryan's guns. Since they are diary entries, the reader can get what he is thinking about when he gets the gun.


At the start of every story there is a background song, At the start, there is a music video. Music is usually Unedited or Dirty Eminem songs.

Interactive FeaturesEdit

If fans put their rank, last name or nickname and weapon with attachments, Jake will add them to special additions and the stories themselves. (Ex. Pvt. Lawrence: ACR 6.8 suppressed, Heartbeat, Holographic.)

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