Call of Duty:The CounterStrike is a First Person shooter made by Valve,Treyarch and Bethesda and uses the Unreal engine 4. The game takes place during the year of 2013 where terrorism has reached an all time high. In the games campaign you take control of James Tompson(S.A.S) Peter Surkov(Gru Spetsnaz) Alphonse Levfevre(GIGN) Natsumi Takeda(SFGp) Anton Ehrlichmann(GSG9) Tom Jacobs(Seal Team 6) The game features 30 missions(5 From each campaign) a survival mode and a new modern version of nazi zombies just called zombies. The game also has multiplayer with 19 different maps.

Campaign MissionsEdit

The game once again features 30 missions starting with the SAS campaign.

SAS CampaignEdit


The first mission takes place in Bristol,United Kingdom where the IRa have finaly launched a major attack inside of the United Kingdom. James Tompson at the time was at home with his wife and kids when poison gas filled the streets and the IRA marched killing all in sight. When a member of the IRA storm into your house and you are held at gun point you must take the weapon from him and launch a counter attack against the IRA. At the end of the mission you are joined by neighbors and the SAS to help take back the city.

2.The eye

The second mission takes place 2 weeks after you went you joined the S.A.S. Your squad must locate the base of operations of a resistance/terrorist group called the eye. The groups base s finaly located in the london eye. When your squad prepares to attack you are abushed and must escape through the rooftops while dodging gunfire. When you reach the eye an attack helicopter flies over and destroys it.

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