Call of Duty: Zombies is a game in the Call of Duty series specifically made for the Zombies game mode included in other call of duty titles such as Black ops and World at War.


Gameplay remains the same as previous games. Although, four single player campaigns have been added, aswell as five new zombie maps. Maps also have enhanced graphics and new wonder weapons and perks have been added. Aswell as new game modes.


There are a total of 14 maps in the game. But only three are playable from the start.

Nacht Der Untoten: Complete American Campaign

Ascension: Complete Russain Campaign

Shi no Numa: Complete Japanese Campaign

Der Riese: Complete German Campaign

Kino Der Toten: Complete all Campaigns

Call of the Dead: Find the hidden TV remote in the main menu and watch the trailer for the map

Dead Ops Arcade: Find a quarter in each campaign and find the arcade machine in the menu

Zombie Verrtuckt: Kill 1,000 zombies in each campaign

"Five": Unlocked from the start

NEW House of the Future: Unlocked from the start

NEW "Top": Unlocked from the start

NEW Dead Company: Have a save file for Modern Warfare 2

NEW Slots: Send the orginal survivors to paradise by rescuing them in Call of the Dead.

NEW Dead Ops Arcade 2: Beat Dead ops Arcade

Game ModesEdit

Classic Zombies- A classic normal zombie match

Timed Zombies- Instead of rounds, the player(s) are timed

Split Apart- Each player spawns in a random room

Box of Luck- Spawn with 1950 points and a knife. Mystery box in every room. Only can get weapons from box

Special Killer- Spawn with a fully upgraded crossbow and ballistic knife and only use those weapons

Nova Death- Face only Nova Zombies and special round enemies. "Five" and Kino Der Toten only

Dogs Galore- Face only Hell Hounds and Puppys. Kino, Der Riese, Shi no numa, and House of the Future only

Hide n' Seek- Only George Romero Spawns. All doors unlocked.Call of the Dead only

Packin the Punch- All weapons off the wall are pack a punched and cost double the price

Machine of Death- All players have Death Machines with unlimited ammo

New Perk-A-Cola'sEdit

Bounce-Up Beer: The player jumps up higher and faster. Price: 1500. Maps: Dead Company & House of the Future.

Muscle Milk: Allows the player to carry 3 weapons. Price: 3000. Maps: Slots.

more coming soon.


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