(Note: This article is a fan-fic, none of this is real) Call of Duty 9 1/2: Zombies is an upcoming video game by Treyarch. It will be released along with Call of Duty 9: Iron Wolf in November 2012. Players control members of the Marine Corp to defeat zombies.ZOMBiES Mode is the only mode of CoD 9 1/2. It is a prequel+sequel of the original Nazi Zombies from World at War.Up to 6 players can play together in this mode. It features Create a Class 4.0.


  1. Nuketown-Zombies have arrived in Nuketown from Black Ops. The map has been expanded and barriers and doors have been added. "War is War, Simulations are Death"
  2. Nacht Der Untoten-Classic back again!
  3. Brokus Der Weis- A swamp in Argentina behind the house of a Nazi. "After the war Members of 935 escaped with other Nazis"

DLC 1Edit

  1. Area 51 - The American Military base has been invaded! "A supply of 115 and American Imagination, a bad combo!"
  2. Comatose(Single Player Only)- 400 years in the Future a man awakes from comatose, the world is overun by Zombies! "I must carry on the Human race"

Create a Class 4.0Edit

Create a Class 4.0. is the Create a Class system of CoD 9 1/2. Unlike previous CoD Games, there are only a few unlockable weapons as the other you buy In-Game. You also start with One Perk. It also features Kill Streaks.


Lvl. 1 - M1911

Lvl. 5 - Python

Lvl. 10- .357 Magnum

Lvl. 25- Trench Gun

Lvl. 55- M16

1st Prestige- Random Weapon

3rd Prestige- Dual Wield M1911's

5th Prestige- Riot Shield

6th Prestige- SMAW (16 rounds)

7th Prestige- Mini-Uzi

8th Prestige- Akimbo P90

Equipment (2 choosable)( 4 of each Equipment)Edit

Lvl. 1- Frag Grenades

Lvl. 2- Flash Bang

Lvl.15- Claymore

Lvl. 20- 9Bang

Lvl. 30- C4


Lvl. 1- Hardened- Increased Bullet Penetration + No Flinch when hit by Zombies

Lvl. 3-Overkill- Start with Two Weapons+ Able to buy a Third.

Lvl. 5- Hardline- 5 less kills per Killstreak+ Extra Killstreak available

Lvl. 10-Danger Close- Increase Explosive Damage+ 10x Kill Streak Damage

Lvl. 50-Steady Aim- Increased Hip fire accuracy+ Smaller Crosshair

9th Prestige-Juggernaut- Increased Health + Self-Revive after 18 seconds

10th Prestige- Scavenger- Resupply From dead Enemys.


Every 10 Kills- Max Ammo

Every 10 Kills- RC-XD- Remote Control Explosive Device

Every 15 Kills- X-Package- Care Package that Gives players a random Explosive.

Every 17 Kills- Sentry Gun- Auto-Turret ( Only 1 per player allowed to be active, "Expires" after 5 rounds)

Every 20 Kills- Predator Missle- Controlled Missle

Every 25 Kills- Air Strike- Heavy Bombardmant

Every 30 Kills- Care Package- Random Kill Streak

Every 50 Kills- Attack Dogs

60 Kills-Mystery- recieve Random Weapon in place of the weapon your using.

Every 75 Kills-Helicopter- Airlifted into Helicopter for 4 rounds

Every 100 Kills- EMP- Slows down Zombies, Elimanates Hellhounds

Every 150 Kills- M.O.A.B. - Kills Every Zombie on Map than respawns a new set to keep it on the same round.

Every 200 Kills- Nuke- Kills Every Zombie, ends round.

Every 500 Kills- Delta Squad- Airdrops 4 Riot-Shield Teammates that cannot be revived once downed.

Every 1000 Kills- 7 Minutes in Heaven- For the next Seven rounds every teammate Recieves each wonder weapon in their inventory.

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