If you're interested in being featured, make sure I know you well enough and come find me sometime on a wiki or chat where I am. Without further ado, let the junkpile BEGIN!


Yellow woke up, in his dingy room under the catacombs of Paris. He had been living there with friends Panzer and Sam for two weeks, in an attempt to stay away from the police who were hunting the three down for hacking into the police network in an attempt to clear their friend Katana’s criminal record. However they were caught in the act and were being searched for by the police.

“So, anything last night?” Yellow asked Panzer who had stayed up all night as lookout through a small hole the threesome had made when they moved into the catacombs.

“Nothing really, do you think they even know we’re down here?” Panzer replied.

“I’ve got no idea, but I can presume they don’t.”

“Anyway, mind waking Sam up?”

Yellow leaned over to Sam’s sleeping bag, when he noticed that Panzer’s polka dot pillow was where Sam’s head should be. Yellow called over Panzer who jumped back in shock.

“But...I didn’t put it there...” Panzer explained.

“Were you even awake last night?” Yellow asked.

“I fell asleep, sorry.”

“Great, so now Sam’s missing and we have no idea where he is, and you were asleep all last night! When we find him, I’ll ensure I split your head in two!”

“Yeah sorry, but where the hell is he?”

To be continued...(to an even worse standard)

Feedback welcome...I suppose

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