Cameron Dennis is an SOG operative, codename Zulu Two. He appears in "MAC-V-SOG". He wields two ASPs, btu his primary weapon changes from mission to mission. He also carries an SOG knife and Semtex Bomb. He is usually wearing a light combat coat and vest, and a baseball cap, though a heavy jacket is worn in place of the light one, and a beanie is worn when in cold climates.


Cameron Dennis served in a few SOG missions, including scouting the outskirts of Khe Sanh for NVA and destroying an NVA firebase. He has also served the CIA, infiltrating an intelligence compound to retrieve a Spetsnaz operative who defected to the CIA. He also served in a joint SOG-CIA mission to Cambodia to ambush a group of Spetsnaz, NVA, and VC forces trading weapons and ammunition.


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