Canderous "Mandalore" Kale

Date of Birth

12/6/2026 Wheeling, West Virginia, USA (Age 27)


MA-90 ICWS-R,CAR-15M w/ ACOG scope and Foregrip, M1911A1 w/ Suppressor, AA-12 w/ Grip and RDS, MP-7A1 w/ Suppressor and RDS, dual Katanas, Hidden blades, MP-412 w/ Speed Reloader and Laser Sight


CHSDF(Formerly), U.S. Navy SEALs


5 feet, 7 inches


Master Chief Petty Officer




Squad leader, Sniper and Technology Specialist


Corporate War

Notable Facts

Son of Warwolf and Elizabeth. One of the fastest sharpshooters in the history of the CHSDF. Has a necklace made from a hollowed out .50 Cal BMG round with "Semper Fidelis" engraved on it. Is a Black Belt(instructor level) in MCMAP. Owns two replicas of Tensa Zangetsu which he uses in combat.

Notable Engagements

Seige of Moscow, Rescue of President Reznov, Sabatage of the USS Anzio, Operation Black Sword

Master Chief Petty Officer Canderous "Mandalore" Kale was the commanding officer of the CHSDF X-Ray Team during the Corporate War against Frontline Global Operations(FGO).


Early life and childhoodEdit

In his early childhood, Canderous was always viewed by everyone around him as "the next Warwolf", even by his friends. He and his friends would commonly act out famous missions that Warwolf and Alpha Team took part in during both World War III and the Silencer War. Every time during these reenactments, Canderous was selected as his father and his cousin Anatoly played Kestrel, the two would recreate every battle down to the final detail.

One day during one of the reenactments, Canderous and Anatoly heard gunfire coming from the house. The two immediately rushed to the house to find three escaped convicts lying face down on the floor dying from their wounds and a fourth using Elizabeth as a human shield. The boys watched as Warwolf took aim with his FN Five-seveN and shot the fourth convict. Unfortunately, Elizabeth bled out from the wound sustained from the convict's MP-412. This would convince Canderous that even in times of peace, there was still evil in the world.

A year after this incident, Canderous started training with his father on his grandparents property. In the forest behind the house, the two started their Ninjitsu and MCMAP training as well as mastering various different firearms ranging from assault rifles to pistols and sniper rifles. Two years into his intense training, Canderous decided to join the Cameron High School Defence Force. At first, his friends shot down the idea, saying that Canderous would either wash out or go MIA, only after they saw the results of the over two years of training that they finally realized that he was ready to enlist.

Joining the CHSDF, becoming a SPECTRE and promotion to Master ChiefEdit

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Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

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