Captain Joseph "Butter" Red

Rank: Captain

Weapons: M8A1, Five Seven and DSR 50

Affilations: Australian SAS
Status: Alive
Appears in: Call of Duty: Green Zone

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about his early life but some team members of his squad, Yankee 2.3 say that he used to live in Melbourne, Australia.

Joining the Army and SASEdit

When he was 19 Joseph joined the Army in hopes of being in the legendary SAS. When he passed the exams he went on to labourous training, after that he was introduced to Viper squad. In the year 2030 the Australian SAS (Special Air Service) his talents and recruited him into an elite team callsign Yankee 2.3 and quickly ranked up to? a captain commanding the team.

Call of Duty: Green ZoneEdit

In the year 2040 when Australia gets invaded Joseph and his team go to Darwin in "The Land Down Under" to defend from Chinese Marines but the Chinese Navy helps the struggling marines and are pushes? the SAS? back to the suburbs. Quickly thinking Joseph hijacked a Chinese tank shoots his way back to the coast and destroys a Chinese refuel ship and leaves most Chinese ships heavily damaged halting the attack.

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