==cargo forest

cargo forest
senein port


june 23.1980


sgt evan pony


kill all iraqi soldiers clear the hangar (2/2) defend the place chase john capture john


uzi w ext mags colt 1911



sgt evan pony ? ( playable )

sgt johnny

pvt ismael

john menendez


the mission is start when they walking to liberate iran but it was a shootout?

kill all of iraqi soldiers armed with shotguns etc then after go right of hangar

then kill all of iraqi armed with rpg?

then the tanks crushes the wall and contuining shootout?

the road is block by truck sgt evan clearing the behind of the wall?

the 2 tanks crushes again the wall then t-72 shot the tank and the tank was falled in sea

the one tank survive

and it destroyed and crushes to the wall?

sgt evan was defending against iraqi reinforcements

after sgt evan attacking equestrian brigades chasing john]

john is riding the car then it crash then it finished the mission

starting weaponsEdit

  • uzi ( w or wo extended mags )
  • colt 1911



weapons in levelEdit

  • spas 12
  • mp5
  • skorpion ( w or wo scope )
  • ak47
  • browning -hp used by john menendez

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