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Casey Kennedy
[[Casey Kennedy|250px]]
Casey (left) with a fellow female Marine, Sergeant Zoey Morgan at base camp in Iraq during 2004.


Casey Maria Kennedy

Date of Birth

August 28, 1983

Date of Death

N/A (still living)




5 feet, 10 inches (1.80 m)


155 lbs (65 kg)


Retired U.S. Marine and currently a social worker


Caucasian with Blonde hair


Desert MARPAT uniform, M16A4 w/Trijicon ACOG sight and M203 GL, Gerber pocket knife, Beretta M9, Tan Oakley Lightweight FR gloves, Lightweight Helmet with Night Vision goggles, rough, tan combat boots, and Oakley Panel Pack (Backpack)


Lance Perrier (2005-)

Sergeant Casey Maria Kennedy is a former United States Marine featured in The War series.


Casey Maria Kennedy was born on August 28, 1983 in Jersey City, New Jersey of Jonathan Kennedy III and Lesilya Kennedy. Her parents abandoned her when she was just 2 and she was put in a foster home. A Mexican family finally took her in when she was 5 and she lived with them until she joined the Marine Corps.

She went to Marbow High School and had a rough time. Casey would always get bullied because of her good looks and very high intelligence, often being called a "whore" or "slut" by other students. This led to many fights which also led to many suspensions and detentions. Her family almost brought her back to a foster home because of her bad behavior in class and at home.

Casey graduated High School in 2001. She then attended the University of New York City for two and a half years where she enlisted in the Marine Corps in December 2003. Casey then got sent to boot camp at Camp Lejuene in January 2004 and finished in April 2004 and got attached to the 4th Civil Affairs group as a Corporal. She finally deployed to Iraq in November 2004, in support of Operation Phantom Fury, instead, attached to Infantry battalion, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, also know as the Betio Bastards. She led a squad, patrolling the mean streets of Fallujah. She returned home on December 23, 2004 and got promoted to Sergeant and then shortly retired a month later. She then married her boyfriend (Lance Perrier) in July 2005, a Marine who served with her during Operation Phantom Fury, before he was deployed to Afghanistan in August 2005. During this time, she got a job as a social worker and has had the job ever since.

Personality & Interests Edit

Her personality is at times brash, joking around and sometimes even insulting other squad mates. She also has a "no nonsense" personality, becoming serious and caring a lot for her squad mates during battles. She also likes the New York Giants, the New Jersey Devils, and Los Angeles Lakers sports teams. Her favorite food to eat is Beef Lasagna and her favorite dessert is Strawberry Cheesecake.

Casey is a devout cathlic. She goes to church every Sunday, when she can.

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