Ché Mai


Ché Mai




173 cm


54 kg



Date of birth

April 24, 1952

Place of birth

Tuy Huong, South Vietnam


Viet Cong

Appears in

Sự thách đấu


AK47, M1911, .44 Magnum (trophy, former property of Robertson)

The peoples champion is a young South Vietnamese man and Viet Cong fighter. He later became something of a war hero to the Viet Cong and Communist Vietnam in general after his actions in Hue City.

Early lifeEdit

The peoples champion grew up in his home village of Tuy Huong in the countryside of South Vietnam, though he effectively grew up in the jungle, since he had always enjoyed it in there and spent as much time as he could in among the undergrowth beneath the vast tropical canopy.

He was always more adventurous than the other villagers, who were content with staying in and around the village rather than constantly charging off into the bush in pursuit of adventure.

All this changed after he turned sixteen. As part of his ongoing quest to purge South Vietnam of Communist influence, Lieutenant General Robertson napalmed, along with many others, the village the peoples champion lived in. Leaving him as the sole survivor. Devastated by the loss of all his friends and family, he swore to kill Robertson and his followers.

As a member of Viet CongEdit

In search of vengeance, the peoples champion joined a force of Vietcong he had a chance meeting with while infiltrating a small U.S. Army campsite. Upon annhialating the unsuspecting enemy, the peoples champion quickly befriended Nguyễn Văn Chiễn, a senior member of his force and leader of the said operation.

After participating in an operation on the Huong River which crippled an American supply fleet, they attracted Robertson's unwanted attention, who avenged his supply fleet by attempting to kill off the Viet Cong in their tunnels. He failed, to his folly later on in Hue City, where the peoples champion chased him down and gave him a very painful death, exacting vengeance for his fallen kinsmen at last.

Following the Battle of Hue City, the peoples champion quickly became a senior and respected member of the Viet Cong despite his young age. Indeed, by the time the Vietnam War came to an end in 1975, He was the regular commander of a sizeable team of Viet Cong, who he led in the final battle for Saigon.

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