Me in full gear

My name is 1st Liutenant Bart Allen, but right now im. Im a member of Yankee Company of the 5th Calvalry Regiment. And this is my story. And excuse me if my thoughts get scramneld its a long and complicated story about my mind.

Week 1 January 5th, 2016Edit

Tuesday 10:28 PM It all started with that commercial..."Theres Strong And Then Theres Army Strong" something about that got me into this C-130 heading to a base in South Korea. But I dont have the time to think about why right now,we're at war...with North Korea can't say I didn't see that coming and I think it's about time Uncle Sam teaches them what NATO does when you fuck with us.

Tuesday 11:01 PM Where finally in South Korea and we just got briefed, tommorow US and SK are supposed to bust through the DMZ and shoot whatever dosnt look like us its called Operation Asylum and my companies callsign is Psycho real catchy. Anywho that seems like its all I got to write in my journal tonight time to get some shut eye before I go all Jason Vorhees on these ass clowns.

Wensday 1:00 AM I knew I should of went to sleep earlier. They woke us up at 1 o'clock sharp they gave us another briefing to make our objective clear and showed us our "war horses" MH-60s real mean looking sums of bitches. My squad got into ours most of them were FNGs that were real excited. I pulled a 5 month tour in Afghanistan and it was ok...but when I got home I spent half the time in special training. Before I landed I checked my pocket for my journal and looked at my two tabs Sapper and Ranger I wonder if its worth anyrhing. First thing we here are mortars, mortars hitting anything thats dumb or misfortunate enough to not hear it coming. It looks like its about to hit the fan gotta stop writing.

Wensday 6:53 AM Well the DMZ is our's it may look like Darkseid said "Lets go tear shit up and leave", but hey its ours and Operation Asylum was a success with only 79 NATO casualties and 1 from my squad but he was just some annoying random from California that thought he was Rambo. So now I just gotta get the rest of my squad out of here get to the base right letters,read comics,play guitar, and listen to Rise Aginst yeah I know its a little childish but its me.

More to come...

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