The Colt Canada M3 series was a 7.62x51mm NATO firing assault rifle series during the Russo-American War. It featured very high accuracy, low recoil and a low "jamming" frequency. The M3A1 had very low recoil and was used from marksmen to riflemen. The M3A1 could handle multiple attachments, including scopes, flashlights and grenade launchers. It was known for its light weight but also for its low fire rate. The M3A1 had four firing rate switches, safe, semi-auto, two-round burst and full-auto. Most operators of the M3A1 use the two-round burst or the full-auto. It can shoot 600 rounds/min and has a muzzle velocity of 733 m/s. Although the M3A1 has all these great features it lacks the ability to add on a grenade launcher or underslung shotgun.





The M3A1 in its prototype rendition. It was almost the same as the M3A1 except that it borrowed the M16's front sight. Both the XM311 and the M3A1 had the smaller MP5-like handguard.




After changing the front ironsight the M3A1 began mass production. The M3A1 is still used by Canadian SWAT and still uses the small handguard.

M3 MarksmanEdit


M3 Marksman

The M3 Marksman variant was built for medium to long range combat. This variant is made to perform best in semi-auto. The handguard changes quite drastically and th stock is much longer and different. the barrel is now 19.5 inches long.

M3 CarbineEdit


M3 Carbine

The M3 Carbine is a shorter and faster firing version of the M3 AR. It's range is decreased but its fire rate, weight and size rival that of a regular SMG.




The M3A2 is an updated version of the original M3A1. It now has a flashlight built in to the handguard and a better and lighter folding stock.

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