A fanfiction made by DarkLocustSlayer.

The BeginningEdit

The year was 2018 and the world was in a state of peace. The USA and the other nations are stable politically and economically. Historians call it one of the best times for the USA. Everything was well until January 15. Japanese spies in the country set bombs in cities across the US and detonated them. Chaos broke out and it wasn't until the military mobilized when the spies were eliminated. After the catastrophe, the USA declared war on the Japanese and the peace was broken. After a couple months, the USA found themselves being slowly defeated. In response, the government issued an order for a covert, special operations, fighting force to be created to face the Japanese threat and any others in the future. Though this force would be like no other, because the men and women in it would be augmented to be genetically enhanced soldiers. Their abilities would be advanced by the best technology mankind had to offer. Thus was born Deathwatch.

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