Damalana "Ewe" Skully
Nickname(s) Ewe
Appears in Nightfall
Affiliations Iowa Connection
Status Alive
Birth February 25, 1993 (Age: 27)
Weapon PMR-30
Survivial Knife

Damalana Skully, also referred to as Ewe, is a character featured in Nightfall. She is a Mexican American member of the Iowa Connection, and is a 19th century history enthusiast. Upon learning that an antique Lancaster Pistol stored at the State of Iowa Historical Museum survived the nuclear attack, she sends Redwood to retrieve it.

Missions GivenEdit

Further NotesEdit

  • Her name Damalana is an amalgamation of the Spanish words dama and lana, meaning lady and wool, respectively. This is also where her nickname Ewe is derived from.

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