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Danger Close: Art of War
Developer(s) Oxo Game Studios
Publisher(s) Digital Technology SA
Designer(s) Alaric Kassel
Engine 1001 Lightyears engine
Released February 30th, 2013
Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Mode(s) Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Co-Op
Platform(s) Any

Danger Close: Art of War is an FPS game developed by Oxo Game Studios and Digital Technology SA (DITES) the game focuses on a military conflict between global superpowers, aided by their respective allies.



US Campaign

  • H-Hour: Establish a beachhead in Tunis.
  • Zero Hour: Aided by Tunisian forces, secure the town and eliminate the AA guns.
  • Acta Non Verba: Secure a weapons cache in the Armenian Highland.
  • Red Devil: Lead an attack on the West side of the Euphrates.
  • Strike in Fallujah: Attack the city of Fallujah and push the MERC out.
  • Dark: Rescue a Marine officer on the South side of the city.
  • Raging Fire Down: Rescue the crew of a downed UH-1Y Venom.
  • Liberators: Destroy the MERC HQ in Papı, Azerbaijan.
  • Al-Namir Affair: Capture the MERC leader, hiding in the Shah-i-kot Valley.
  • Hell's Wings: Attack North Korean defenses in the Yellow Sea.
  • Iron Demon: Penetrate through enemy forces to secure the ICBM launch site in Nampo.
  • At the Gates: Fight in the outskirts of Pyongyang, across the Taedong river.
  • Burning City: Eliminate North Korean defenses outside the Kim Il-Sung Mausoleum.
  • The End of Wars: Secure Pyongyang and end the war.

EU Campaign

  • Wake Up Call: Rescue high-ranking British politicians stranded in China.
  • Air Support: Raid a PLA camp in Kilimanjaro, Kenya.
  • Escape!: Get out of the PLA camp in Kilimanjaro, being burnt to the ground by an unexpected eruption.
  • A New Enemy: Reroute to the city of Paris to halt an unexpected terrorist attack in the city's metro.
  • Under Siege: Defend the port of Le Havre from invading PLA and KPA forces.
  • River Fever: Halt enemy advances on the Seine river.
  • Pulling Teeth: Fend off PLA and KPA forces from entering Paris.
  • Cash for Guns?: Chase after the Shadow PMC leader in Paris, meeting with the North Korean commander.
  • Crossing Borders: Fight PLA forces landing in the Lower Rhine.
  • A Hero's Welcome: Destroy PLA anti-air crews setting up in the Netherlands-Germany border.
  • Barbarian Migrations: Launch a counteroffensive from the Rhine.
  • Das Rheingold: Help anti-tank crews destroy heavy armour entering Germany.
  • Frostbite: Swarm enemy forces crossing the Alps.
  • HVT: Kill or Capture the KPA commander in Southern Germany.

RU Campaign

  • Snow, Blood and Lead: Parachute into Sakha to fight the insurgency.
  • 64 North: Combat the insurgents in the Vilyuy River.
  • With Extreme Prejudice: Destroy enemy air forces on a Sukhoi jet over Sakha.
  • Iris Echo Delta: Clear the roads from IEDs to safely reach Yakutsk.
  • Besieged: Combat KPA troops in Yakutsk, who sponsored the insurgency in Sakha.
  • Armistice: Cease the fighting with the KPA and its supporters.
  • Typhoon: Reroute to Sevastopol to prevent the hijack of a Nuclear ICBM submarine.
  • Caspian Wind: Raid a MERC harbour near Stavropol.
  • Sky Devils: Launch a surprise air assault on the MERC in Southern Russia.
  • Breach: Fight MERC separatists in North-Ossetia Alania.
  • Saving Private Chihoski: Rescue Pvt. Chihoski, being held captive by MERC troops.
  • The Push South: Aid artillery crews to bombard Kadyrov's defenses around his hideout
  • Pathfinder: Clear a pathway into Kadyrov's hideout in the valley.
  • For Russia: Kill Hemv Kadyrov, leader of the MERC in the Caucasus Region and the Far East.


Co-Op Mode

In Co-Op Mode, players can play with up to four people in the Campaign Missions, or in Special Ops levels.

Special Ops

Special Ops mode includes levels in the canon of the game's campaign, where one to four players fight against enemies to achieve certain objectives through a variety of tactics and strategies.


A hardened Marine, Staff Sergeant Robert Warren has seen combat as part of MARSOC in numerous engagements during the course of the war. In one particular mission, Staff Sgt. Warren was held captive in a North Korean prison near the Yalu river, using his survival skills, he escaped from the prison and survived the harsh weather for three weeks before being picked up by a US 82nd Airborne platoon. Warren was picked for these missions because of his outstanding performance in the battlefield and his excellent skills as a shooter.

RobWarren - copia

A seasoned combat veteran in the SAS, Finbarr's expertise and past career in the SAS made him a perfect candidate for these missions. Being highly trained to fight in a variety of environments, he has shown outstanding performance in numerous engagements against the MERC, including the assassination of one of the top leaders of MERC guerrillas in Jordan.

Selected out of hundreds of other people for these missions, Guinness was chosen not only because of his outstanding military career, but also because he has trained numerous guerrillas to fight against the MERC, being nicknamed the "21st Century T.E. Lawrence".

FGuinness - copia

A veteran of the elite German special forces. Thorvald has served in numerous operations prior the Fourth World War, participating in numerous counter-terrorist operations worldwide. Thorvald's first mission in the war in Northern Vietnam went awry when his unit was ambushed by a PLA company, but after his efforts to fend them off, his unit came victorious and accomplished the mission.

Thorvald was selected due to his unique survival and marksmanship skills and past experience as a special forces operative.


A junior member of the Russian Vympel Unit. First accepted into the FSB after showing spectacular performance in the Russian Paratroopers during the fight in Siberia. Dragomirov showed excellent marksmanship skills and was considered one of the best snipers of the war, credited with over 750 confirmed kills during a span of nine months, this led to his recruitment on the elite Vympel unit of the Russian special forces.

Dragomirov was chosen for these missions after showing incredible marksmanship skills and survival skills.

SDragomirov - copia


  • Broken Sword: Fight against MERC forces as you move in to secure the target building in Kandahar. (4 Players)
  • In The Mist: Using stealth and cunning, avoid enemy patrols and disable the PLA missiles. (2 Players)
  • Death From Above: Hop on board an AC-130U and support friendly forces on the ground as they move to secure the HVI. (4 Players)
  • Rough Rider: With information given by the HVI, secure the office building in Frankfurt and escape. (4 Players)
  • Iron Fist: Push through MERC forces to clear a path for infantry on board an Abrams Tank. (4 Players)
  • Angel of Death: Support friendly forces moving to destroy the artillery sites on board an AH-1Z. (2 Players)
  • EOD: Disable enemy IEDs using J-STARS support and an EOD bot. (4 Players)
  • Hit & Run: Steal a "pocket nuke" under development in Prip'yat. (4 Players)
  • Hostage Negotiator: Retake the Yemeni embassy under attack by MERC terrorists in New York. (4 Players)
  • Red Skies: Intercept a Tupolev bomber carrying a nuclear weapon over Afghan skies. (4 Players)
  • High Tide: Board the Kansas Express and secure its cargo of Musudan missiles in the Red Sea. (4 Players)
  • Executive Order: Stop the launching of the Musudan missiles and kill the MERC second-in-command in Dagestan. (4 Players)



The Multiplayer for Danger Close: Art of War features realistic battlefield sceneries with interactiv features. A variety of game modes that include different objectives which can support up to 64 players in one server is also included. Each map can support up to 64 players, and support a wide array of gaming styles from close quarters to long range engagements featuring tons of vehicles and weapons.

Danger Close: Art of War features a melee combat, which includes stealth attacks, hand-to-hand combat and melee attacks including all sorts of melee weapons, ranging from knives to bare-handed combat. Danger Close: Art of War also features customisation, boasting more than 150 Multiplayer weapons and four customizable kits, each with four pieces of equipment that will help the player boost his/her performance on the battlefield.


Country Playable Faction(s)
Flag of the United StatesUnited States USMC LogoUnited States Marine Corps (USMC)
22pxEuropean Union Heer Logo - copiaEuroForce (EUFOR)
Flag of RussiaRussia RGF Logo 2Russian Ground Forces (RGF)
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChina PLA Logo (2)People's Liberation Army (PLA)
Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea KPA Logo (2) Korean People's Army (KPA)
Flag of IranIran Islamic Republic of Iran Army (IRIA)
ShadowpmcflagShadow PMC Shadow PMC (S-PMC)


There are four kits available for the player, players can place any kind of weapons in any kit, but equipment is limited for one kit only. The kits are:

The all-around kit. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. The Assault kit is a versatile kit that can fitted for any kind and style of combat, whether it is long range engagements or close quarters combat. The default weapon of the Assault kit is the Assault rifle.

Assault Kit
  • Grenade Launcher: Standalone or Underbarrel grenade launcher, can be upgraded to a semi-automatic grenade launcher, but when upgraded, it can no longer be used as an underbarrel. (M203, M320, AG-C, AG36, GP34, QLG10), (MGL-140)
  • Mortar: Light artillery piece, it can be upgraded into a heavier mortar, reducing the speed and efficiency of the mortar for a more powerful weapon. (LGI Mle F1), (2B14 Podnos)
  • M18A1 Claymore: Proximity detonated mine, the user and the allied players cannot be killed by the Claymore, when upgraded, the Claymore can be remotely detonated by the player.
  • M26 MASS: Standalone or underbarrel shotgun, holds 5 rounds per magazine. It is replaced by an underbarrel or standalone X26 Taser taser when upgraded.

The Support kit is specifically geared for combat support, using a variety of resources to provide the Support player's team with an advantage over the battlefield. The Support kit has a Light Machine Gun as its default weapon.

Support Kit
  • Syrette: Revives dead players before they respawn, it only restores 35% of health, it upgrades into a defibrillator, which fully restores the player's health.
  • C4: Remotely detonated explosives. When upgraded, explosives will have a larger blast.
  • Minex 2FD 4.500: Mine detector, beeps when mines are spotted. It disables mines when upgraded and turns them into friendly equipment.
  • Aeryon Scout: Small UAV with an incorporated camera that can mark targets for the user's team. When upgraded, a small tear gas sprayer is incorporated.

A kit specifically geared to Anti-Vehicle warfare. The Engineer kit has all its equipment designed for Anti-Vehicle combat. Engineers are also fitted with a repair kit that allows them to repair friendly vehicles. Although the main purpose of the Engineer kit is vehicle combat, Engineers can also use their equipment against infantry and fortifications. The default weapons of the Engineer kit are Carbines.

Engineer Kit
  • Rocket Launcher: Faction-specific rocket launcher with six rockets, it can disable enemy vehicles and destroy fortifications, it is replaced by an ATGM when upgraded. (Mk.153, PzF3, RPG-7V2) (FGM-148 Javelin)
  • MANPADS: Anti-Air missile launcher, locks-on to enemy aircraft. When upgraded, players can mark enemy aircraft for the his/her team. (FIM-92 Stinger, 9K338 Igla)
  • TM-46 mine: Proximity-detonated mine, disables enemy vehicles. It is replaced by an EMP mine, which renders vehicles useless unless repaired when upgraded.
  • Tool Kit: Repairs vehicles and mounted weapons, it can also disable enemy equipment. It is replaced by an EOD bot when upgraded.

The Marksman kit is geared for long-range combat and is dependant on Stealth. When in the battlefield, the team depends on the Marksman kit as a pathfinder and as support on the battlefield by engaging enemies in long range combat. The default weapon of the Marksman kit is the Sniper Rifle.

Marksman Kit
  • Radio Beacon: Serves as a spawn point for allies. When upgraded, it can relay messages to other players and warn them of enemy activity.
  • Motion Sensor: Shows enemy movement on the minimap within a 30 metre range. Upgrading it shows the target's direction in a 60 metre range.
  • Radio Jammer: Scrambles enemy radio signals within a 25 metre range. It can deplete enemy electronics within a 45 metre range when upgraded.
  • SOFLAM: Paints targets for the user's allies. When upgraded, one can call in artillery strikes, but it takes up to five minutes until another strike can be called.

All-Kit Equipment is equipment pieces that can be used by any kits, and need to be unlocked to be used. They are unlocked by being picked up and used successfully in different maps.

  • Ballistic Knife: Spring-action single-shot knife launcher. It has a limited range but it's a one-hit-kill at close range. Unlocked after killing five enemies with this weapon in Elbrus Peak.
  • TenPoint Defender: Three-shot crossbow. Can fire explosive tip bolts, incendiary bolts or stun bolts. It can also be equipped with a variety of optic sights. Unlocked after killing five enemies with this weapon in Airstrip.
  • Bolt Gun: Device that can stun or even kill enemies. Can only be used at close range. Unlocked after killing five enemies with this weapon in Slaughterhouse.
  • XM25: Airburst grenade launcher. Effective against infantry at all ranges. Unlocked after killing five enemies with this weapon in Basin


In Danger Close: Art of War, players can select two weapons per kit, a Primary Weapon and a Sidearm. Sidearms only include Pistols, while Primary Weapons include all the other infantry-based individual weapons. Weapons are categorised depending on their type. Each team has its own set of weapons that are unlocked at the start, these weapons can later be unlocked and used in different teams. Aside from having team-specific weaponry, there are also unlockables that can be used freely, regardless of team.

Each team-specific weapon is coded with the following colours: USMC, EUFOR, RGF, PLA, KPA, IRIA, Shadow PMC


Vehicles do not need to be unlocked to be able to use them; however, players must unlock gadgets to improve the performance of the vehicles on the battlefield.

Vehicle Upgrades

  • Coaxial MG - Mounted machine gun controlled by the driver.
  • ATGM Launcher - Wire-guided anti-tank missile mounted on the turret.
  • Grenade Launcher - Gunner-controlled automatic grenade launcher.
  • SAM System - Gunner-controlled Anti-Air missile launcher.
  • Canister Shell - Shoots multiple wolfram balls encased in one shell. (Tanks and Howitzers only)
  • IR Smoke - When launched, they prevent lock-on from enemy missiles and prevent enemies from revealing your position.
  • Trophy System - Intercepts and destroys missiles, it needs time to recharge.
  • Zoom Optics - Secondary weapon sight with a powerful zoom.
  • Proximity Scan - Motion sensor that alerts players from nearby enemies.
  • Thermal Optics - Sight that highlights enemy heat signatures like soldiers, vehicles and equipment.
  • CITV Seat - 3rd Turret position in which players can designate enemy targets. (All vehicles except jeeps)

  • Guided Missile - Pilot controlled lock-on missile.
  • Heat Seeker - Fire-and-forget missile that automatically locks-on an enemy target.
  • JDAM - Guided bomb controlled by the co-pilot in Strike Fighters, or the pilot in Ground-Attack Jets and Stealth Jets.
  • TV Missile - Missile controlled by the Pilot or Gunner of a helicopter.
  • Proximity Scan - Radar that alerts players from nearby enemies.
  • ECM Jammer - Increases lock-on time from enemy weapons systems.
  • IR Flares - Prevent lock-on from incoming missiles.
  • Laser Painter - Designates enemy targets for the player's team. (Helicopter only)


  • Red-Dot Sight - Replaces iron sights with precision red-dot sight. (TASCO ProPoint, Zeiss RSA, Kobra)
  • Holographic Sight - Provides a clearer view of the target, at the cost of peripherial vision. (EOTech 552)
  • Precision Scope - Enhanced zoom scope, unaffected by EMP. (ACOG 4x32)
  • AN/PVS-14 - Night-vision scope, displays heat signatures as yellow.
  • Rifle Scope - High Magnification scope, available for most weapons, except handguns, shotguns, submachine guns and carbines.
  • 12x Scope - High power scope, has the highest magnification out of all scopes, only available for sniper rifles.
  • Variable Zoom Scope - Has different magnifications, 4x, 6x and 10x, available for sniper rifles and assault rifles.

  • Suppressor - Reduces sound and eliminates muzzle flash.
  • Heavy Barrel - Increases aimed accuracy, but reduces hip-fire accuracy.
  • Foregrip - Better accuracy and decreases recoil.
  • Bipod - Deploy weapon on a surface to provide better accuracy.
  • Flashlight - Illuminate darker areas, it can also blind enemies.
  • Laser Sight - Better hip-fire accuracy, can also blind enemies.

  • Flechette - Increased penetration for shotguns, but reduces damage.
  • Buckshot - Increased damage at close quarters, but reduces effectiveness at a long range, default ammo for all shotguns except the KSG.
  • Frag - Explosive rounds that provide more stopping power, but less accuracy.
  • Slug - Solid projectile that has a better range than other rounds, but less stopping power, default ammunition for the KSG.
  • HEIAP - Ammunition with armor piercing capabilities combined with a high explosive effect, provides better damage and penetration against infantry and vehicles. Only available for high-calibre Sniper Rifles.
  • HEAT - High Explosive Anti-Tank ammunition has better penetration on armour. For rocket and grenade launchers only.
  • Incendiary - Ammunition that causes fires, effective against infantry. For rocket and grenade launchers.
  • Hollow-Point - Has better stopping power. For all bullet weapons.
  • FMJ - Increases penetration. For all bullet weapons.
  • Explosive Bolts - Has a timed explosive on the tip of the crossbow bolt.

Specializations and Upgrades

Players can have Specializations and Upgrades, which improve the player's performance in the game.


  • Speed Reload: Decreased reload time.
  • Double Tap: Higher fire rate, faster shooting.
  • Cold Blooded: Become invisible to enemy heat vision.
  • Extreme Conditioning: Run 30% faster.
  • Falcon Eye: Better accuracy when aiming down sights on any kind of sight.


  • Gas Mask: Reduced effect of flashbangs and kolokol-1 gas.
  • Bandolier: Carry extra ammunition.
  • Rations: Extended running time.
  • Flak Jacket: Reduces amount of explosive damage taken.
  • Proximity Scanner: Shows enemy movement around the player.


  • Airstrip - North Korean airstrip in Luzon, ideal for all game types. USMC vs. KPA.
  • Basin - Fighting on a town near the Egyptian capital, hectic battles for all types. USMC vs. IRIA.
  • Bridge - Bosphorus bridge in Turkey, intense close-quarter battles and lots of cover. EUFOR vs. IRIA.
  • Chinatown - Figthing in a Chinese city, tight spaces and tall buildings for vertical warfare. USMC vs. PLA.
  • Crossroads - Large city in Burma, perfect for vertical warfare and vehicles. EUFOR vs. PLA.
  • Elbrus Peak - Mountain in Russia, ideal for sniping and helicopter warfare. RGF vs. IRIA.
  • Electric Night - Battle in a large city in the Middle East, plenty of wide spaces for vehicular warfare. EUFOR vs. IRIA.
  • Frostbite - Battle in a ski hill in the Alps, wide spaces and open areas with lots of cover. EUFOR vs. IRIA.
  • Goal - Hockey stadium in the North, tight spaces and long corridors make great CQC. USMC vs. Shadow PMC.
  • Heatstroke - Open-cast mine in Balochistan, hectic vertical fighting. RGF vs. IRIA.
  • Isfahan Highway - Standoff in a major road in Iran, great for vehicle combat. IRIA vs. Shadow PMC.
  • Kandahar Dunes - Combat in the sand dunes of Afghanistan. USMC vs. IRIA.
  • Market - Iranian market in Tehran, a mix of open spaces and tight corridors for all kinds of combat. USMC vs. IRIA.
  • Shahikot - Afghan valley, very rough terrain. Great infantry and air-based combat. EUFOR vs. IRIA
  • Slaughterhouse - Abattoir in Midwestern United States, close quarters and tight corridors perfect for fast-paced combat. USMC vs. Shadow PMC.
  • Trainyard - German train yard in the Ruhr valley. Ideal for urban combat. EUFOR vs. Shadow PMC.
  • Underground - London Metropolitan Metro system under siege, combat in both above and below the metro system. EUFOR vs. KPA.

Game Modes

  • Team Deathmatch - Two teams fight to reach the score limit, the first team to reach the score limit wins.
  • Deathmatch - Every man for himself, the first player to reach the score limit wins.
  • Occupation - Two team fight for neutral objectives around the map, capturing these will provide the player with more spawn areas and points, the first team to reach the score limit wins.
  • Incursion - There is two teams, the attacking team must defend all three radar stations around the map before the enemy destroys them, if less than three radar stations are detonated after the attacking team reaches zero tickets, the attacking team loses.

Two teams fight against each other. The team with the most kills gets the most points, the first team to reach the score limit wins. Each team has about 30 players. Most Team Deathmatch games support vehicles, depending on the size of the map. The score limit is 25000, each kill is worth 100 points. In Team Deathmatch, killing enemy players is the only way to achieve points. Earning extra points for headshots or backstabbing will not count for reaching the score limit.

Straight up Deathmatch, every man for himself. The total accessible area in each map is decreased, and vehicles are completely absent in this game mode. The first player to reach 12000 points wins, each kill will award 100 points, in this game mode, unlike Team Deathmatch, extra points will be awarded for headshots, multi-kills or backstabbing.

Two teams fight for neutral points in the map. Holding each point will award the player tickets, as well as additional spawn points and vehicles for the occupying team.

Map Packs

Uprising introduces a more "Spec Ops"-oriented feel to the game, introducing the GIGN as a playable faction and introducing a new game mode: "Flagship". All factions are replaced with their Spec Ops counterparts.


  • Hokkaido: Forests of Northern Japan, tight spaces and secret passages. SEALs vs. PLA-SOF.
  • Plesetsk: Russian cosmodrome, lots of open areas and outdoor fighting, as well as indoor spaces. Spetsnaz vs. SEALs.
  • Dame de Fer: The iconic Champ de Mars in Paris, main focus on urban warfare. GIGN vs. KPA-SOW.
  • Mt. Sidley: Anarctic radio station in a mountain, open areas perfect for all types of games. GIGN vs. IRGC.
  • Elburz: Mountain forests in Iran, outdoor spaces for epic vehicle combat. SEALs vs. IRGC.


  • Manurhin .357 (Pistol)
  • FAMAS/M203 (AR)
  • AEK-971/GP-25 Kostyor (AR)
  • CZ-805 BREN/BREN G1 (AR)
  • MG4 (LMG)
  • Kk 62 (LMG)
  • LSAT (LMG)
  • Colt LSW (LMG)


  • Stealth Jet: A single-seat multirole fighter with high speed and manœuvreability.
    • F-35C Lightning II (Stealth Jet)
    • Sukhoi PAK FA (Stealth Jet)
    • J-20 (Stealth Jet)
  • Wiesel 2 TOW: Small tracked vehicle armed with a TOW, it has lighter armour than the average IFV, but it deals more damage with the ATGM. It can sit two people.
  • C-130J: Transport aircraft available when controlling the Radar Station in Uprising maps. It can provide a spawn point, vehicles and supplies for the team controlling it. It can be piloted or controlled by AI.

Besieged introduces the MERC and the Allied Stragglers (AS) as factions. This DLC revolves around urban combat in the ruins of war-torn cities.


  • Epicentre: City in the aftermath of an earthquake. AS vs. MERC.
  • Doprovetsk Tower: Russian business district under siege, great distances make for epic sniper warfare. AS vs. MERC.
  • Ghost Town: Abandoned village in the middle of the Sahara Desert, classic desert warfare combat. AS vs. MERC.
  • Toxic: Abandoned power plant affected by a nuclear meltdown, Close Quarter Battles inside the plant, with hazardous pockets of radiation out of bounds. AS vs. MERC.
  • Flood: South Asian metropolis after a flood. Suited for water vehicles and infantry combat indoors. AS vs. MERC.


  • HOWA Type 89/M203 (AR)
  • Rk 95/GP-25 Kostyor (AR)
  • GOL Magnum (Sniper Rifle)
  • Kar98 Sport (Sniper Rifle)
  • The Peacemaker (Crossbow)[Equipped with explosive bolts, tri-bolts or radar bolts]
  • Staff Sling (Improvised Weapon)[Can shoot incendiary or explosive materials]


  • Boxer 120mm: German APC with a 120mm mortar. Great for medium distances against armoured fortifications and vehicles.
  • Flatbed Van: Light armoured vehicle with a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun and two side-mounted Mk.47 grenade launchers. It can sit 4 occupants.
  • E350 Technical: Armoured Ford van with a dashboard mounted Mk.47 grenade launcher, it can sit one gunner, who uses 7.62mm machine gun and two more occupants.
  • Swimwagon: Light-armoured amphibious vehicle, can sit 6 occupants.


  • Ngesebus Island 2016: A favourite map from Danger Close: WWII adapted for modern warfare. USMC vs. KPA.
  • Blood Gold: Russian gold mine in the Urals. RGF vs. KPA.
  • Erosion: Chinese military base in the Mongolian desert, vehicle combat prevalent. USMC vs. PLA.
  • Manor: North Korean government square, great combat reminiscent of Danger Close: WWII maps. USMC vs. KPA.
  • Haven: Scandinavian commercial port in the North Sea. Foggy conditions. Heer vs. KPA.


  • AK-105 (Carbine)
  • G36C (Carbine)
  • Mk.3 (Shotgun)
  • ENARM Pentagun (Shotgun)
  • MG36 (LMG)
  • Wieger STG-943/GP-25 (AR)


  • AC-130W Stinger II: Can be accessed by controlling the radio station in the Endgame maps, using a 30mm cannon, a GPS Guided bomb and a Hellfire missile. It can have 5 operators plus the pilot.
  • BPz3 Büffel: Armoured Recovery Vehicle that can repair friendly vehicles, it can also demolish enemy emplacements with its plough.
  • Tank Destroyer: Infantry Fighting Vehicle equipped with a heavy anti-tank cannon. It possesses the same stats as the IFVs or APCs but instead of having an autocannon, it is equipped with a tank gun.
    • M1128 MGS
    • 2S25 Sprut-SD
    • BK-1990

DLC: Vietnam War

The Vietnam War DLC is a Multiplayer exclusive Booster Pack focused on the Vietnam War, it has 5 new maps with the United States Army and the North Vietnamese Army, as well as a variety of new weapons and kit equipment.


  • Quang Tri Jungle: Combat in the jungles of North Vietnam. Tight spaces and underground corridors as well as overpasses make hectic infantry engagements.
  • Hue Boulevard: The city of Hue after the Tet offensive. Urban environments provide epic ground-based combat.
  • Khe Sanh: US combat base under siege. Perfect for air and ground-based combat alike.
  • Hill 488: Combat on Hill 488 in South Vietnam. Epic dogfights and infantry-based engagements.
  • Operation Irving: South Vietnamese rural battlefield. Varied terrain makes great combat for all styles
  • Mekong Delta: Town on the Mekong River. The foggy environment and numerous corridors provide epic spec-ops style combat.