A new game on the "Danger Close" series of games, set in World War II.


Singleplayer mode is set in World War II, and includes the Campaign mode, featuring two storylines, one set in the Pacific Campaign and one set in the Eastern Front.

Pacific Campaign

  • Cape Gloucester: Lead an attack on the Island of New Britain against Japanese forces.
  • Broken Spade: Storm Orange Beach as part of the Invasion of Peleliu.
  • Rough Land: Raid the Japanese airfield of Peleliu.
  • Upon Flames: Neutralise Japanese positions in Ngesebus.
  • Bloody Nose: Move into the Umurbrogol Pocket.
  • Night Rider: Shoot down Japanese defensive positions around Iwo Jima on board a PBY Catalina.
  • Knocked Out: Survive in the Volcano Islands and escape from Japanese captivity.
  • Blowtorch & Corkscrew: Attack Okinawa.
  • Typhoon of Steel: Push deeper into Shuri Castle.
  • Final Breath: Capture Shuri Castle.

Eastern Front

  • Frostbite: Defend Moscow from the Wehrmacht.
  • Volga Boatmen: Travel down the Volga to fight in Stalingrad.
  • Red Pride: Join the Soviet counterattack in Stalingrad.
  • Operation Uranus: Flank enemy forces from the Northern steppe.
  • Turning Point: Attack East Prussia.
  • Westwards: Fight enemies across the Oder River.
  • Final Defense: Neutralise enemy forces in Seelow.
  • By Sunset: Enter Berlin.
  • Heart of The Reich: Combat SS forces around Berlin.
  • 'Krusheniye': Capture the Reichstag.

German Campaign

  • Red Ice: Fight the Soviets during the Siege of Leningrad.
  • Revanche: Destroy Leningrad's main industrial facilities.
  • Retreat: Retreat from Leningrad into the outskirts.
  • Lost Hope: Fight the Red Army in the outskirts of Leningrad.
  • Crossing the Oder: Defend Germany from Russian forces converging from the East.
  • Last Defense: Hold the last line of defense before Berlin in Brandenburg.
  • 'Für Deutschland': Fight the Russians during the last effort to protect Berlin,

Japanese Campaign

  • Rising Sun: Fight American troops in Bougainville.


Class System

The Multiplayer mode introduces the Class System. There are three different classes, each equipped with its set of weapons and equipment and geared for different roles.

The Rifleman kit performs as a medium-range, high-powered class geared for infantry combat from medium to long range combat. Because of its role, the Rifleman kit is equipped with gadgets geared to engage enemy infantry from a distance, delivering lethal power and effectiveness.


  • Rifle Grenade - Explosive ordnance fired from the muzzle of the rifle. Effective against foot soldiers.
  • Flamethrower - Anti-infantry weapon charged with napalm. Effective only at close quarters.
  • Gas Grenade - Tabun gas grenade that disorients and eventually kills enemies.
  • Trench Gun - M1912 12 Gauge shotgun. Effective against infantry at close range.

The Heavy Assault Kit excels as an all-around support kit for both infantry combat and Anti-Vehicle tactics. While its main goal is to supplement other classes, it can also lead devastating effects when operating on its own.


  • Ammunition Pouch - Supplies ammunition for teammates.
  • 60mm Mortar - Light squad-level artillery. Useful as an indirect-fire weapon against infantry, moderately effective against vehicles.
  • Medic Kit - Regenerates health for allied players.
  • Syrette - Revives allied players within seconds of their apparent death.

The Anti-Tank kit, specifically geared for Anti-Vehicular combat. The Anti-Tank kit provides devastating results against enemy vehicles as well as maintenance for allied vehicles.


  • Rocket Launcher - Multipurpose anti-tank launcher with an explosive charge.
  • Shoebox Mine - Anti-tank proximity detonated mine. Effective against vehicles, useless against infantry.
  • Toolbox - Box with repair tools, used to repair damaged vehicles. Tools can also be used as a melee weapon.
  • Satchel Charge - Remotely detonated explosive charge. Lethal against enemy vehicles.

The Assault Kit is ideal for run-and-gun tactics at close quarters. Relatively unmatches at close ranges, it performs poorly at longer distances.


  • Shin Guntō - Anti-infantry melee weapon, lethal at close range and takedown attacks.
  • Bow - Mid-range bow and arrow. Can incorporate explosive-tip bows.

A kit specifically geared for long-range combat and stealth, the Scout kit is just about right for long-range anti-infantry operations, while performing poorly against vehicles or at close quarters.


  • Sniper Scope - Magnifying scope with an adjustable range from 2x to 10x.
  • Bouncing Betty - Proximity-detonated shrapnel mine. Extremely effective against foot soldiers.
  • Radio Beacon - Provides extra spawn-point for the player's team.


Like in Danger Close: Art of War, weapons are faction-specific, but they can be unlocked for all factions after reaching the rank of General; there are also unlockable weapons accessible for all factions.

Players can choose two different weapons, a primary weapon and a sidearm. Players can only choose a weapon in each category as their weapon of choice, meaning players cannot place a Primary weapon in the Sidearm weapon slot.

Primary weapons include all weapons excluding handguns.



  • Airborne: Japanese airfield in Peleliu, hectic long-range battles and intense close quarter battles. USMC vs. IJN.
  • Bougainville: Pacific islands under Japanese occupation. Jungle warfare on the island's harsh weather. USMC vs. IJN.
  • Crossing: Battle on the Oder River in Eastern Germany. Lots of action-packed combat on the river banks. Red Army vs. Wehrmacht.
  • Reichstag: Fighting inside and around the German Parliament Building in Berlin, epic close-range battles. Red Army vs. Wehrmacht.
  • Rheintal: Valley on the Rhine River. Open spaces and long range engagements. USMC vs. Wehrmacht.
  • Suribachi: Volcano on the Pacific Island of Iwo Jima, great map for vertical fighting. USMC vs. IJN.
  • Hill 600A: Battle on Bougainville Hill 600A, intense fighting in the jungle. USMC vs. IJN.
  • Stalingrad: Soviet city on the banks of the Volga River, hectic urban engagements. Red Army vs. Wehrmacht.
  • Suburbs: Midsized suburbs in Pankow, Germany, classic building to building engagements. Red Army vs. Wehrmacht.
  • Ngesebus Island: Pacific Island on Peleliu, set on a Japanese airfield under construction. Very large map with lots of open spaces.


Shortly after the game's release, a DLC titled All Quiet On the Western Front was released featuring the United States Army, the British Army against the Waffen-SS and the Afrika Korps.


All Quiet On the Western Front features new cross-kit weapons and vehicles, as well as a new game mode called "Forward Grounds".

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