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  • Name: George Wilson
  • Faction: CIA SAD/SOG
  • Weapons: Silenced CAR-15 with Red Dot Sight and Grip, Silenced M1911, MP5K silenced
  • Rank: Major (only in SOG)/ Agent
  • File Excerpt: "....after Fedorov and his loyal army of Soviet nutjobs with only Landon singlehandedly, I think Wilson deserve's the full credit he's getting from the higher ups. He witty, compassionate, intelligent, and strong all wrapped up in this thing we called George Wilson. However, Wilson generally does not follow orders to well, which gets him in trouble with people most of time...."

Delta 4-7Edit

  • Name: Jack Landon
  • Faction: CIA SAD
  • Weapons: CAR-15 with ACOG Sight, Full-Auto Remington 870 with Box Magazine, Smith & Wesson Model 39
  • Rank: Major (SOG), Special Agent
  • File Excerpt: "...being one of the most senior active SAD/SOG operators, Landon refuses to move back to Langley, but after his role in the takedown of Federov and the permanent crippling of communism in Europe, he may just know what he's good at, especially when he works with agent Wilson. His classic personality remains unchanged from his psych evaluation; headstrong, dedicated, and sharp as a knife is still what describes Landon best..."


  • Name : Nathaniel Carver
  • Faction: CIA, SOG
  • Weapons: M16 ACOG scope. Crossbow whit explosive bolts.
  • Rank : Sergeant
  • Bio : A ordinary sergeant Nathaniel's cool head and excellent aim got him drafted into the CIA/SOG community.
  • File Except: "Sgt Carver is a prime choice for an agent. He fought along SOG team X-Ray in Hue City however he was separated from his from the team and managed to whole up in a market building alone for two days." - CIA Agent Daniel Cook.


  • Name:James Carson
  • Faction:CIA SAD/SOG
  • Weapons:MP5A3/Retractable stock/silencer | S&W M59 Pre XM9 Prototype with silencer/With Right handed holster | Retractable sickle attached to uniform sleeve | M9 Combat knife
  • Rank:Command Sergeant Major(Both Groups)
  • File Excerpt:"..... A tactical operations expert ready to do what ever it takes to complete the mission. He is armed with his wits and training from exchanged officers sent from special forces groups from across Europe to train CIA and US special forces. He will have no issue going trough physical and mental pain to help or save his team when in danger....'


  • Name: Alan Johansen
  • Faction: SOG
  • Weapons: UH-1D Iroquois 'Huey' w/ M21 Weapons system (A weapons system where a rocket pod and a minigun are mounted to each side of the chopper, all facing forward), Dual Mounted M60's, and mounted Mk. 19 Automatic GL, M1911 .45
  • Rank: Captain
  • File Excerpt: "...The entirety of the NVA couldn't stand 3 minutes against him. This guy is a damn good pilot. at 0900 on Tuesday, last week, a whole NVA base, complete with an airfield, comms station, fuel depot, command center, armory, and an AA stationn with ZPUs, ZSUs, and multiple SAM sites, was 100 miles north of our forward outpost. That was the day we sent Alan in. That night, all we could salvage from the burning wrecks was a burning fighter and a broken radar dish. Alan hit them that damn hard..." -Air Marshal Terrence Mitchell, "Screaming Eagles" 101st Air Division

Collector1 Edit

  • Name: Joe Goodmen
  • Faction: U.S. Marines
  • Weapons: XM22
  • Rank: Corporal
  • File Excerpt: "I hope we're not doing the wrong thing." He's just some guy in the good old US Marine Corp trying not to die.


  • Name: Jason Carter
  • Faction: CIA SAD/SOG
  • Weapons: CAR-15 Commando (XM177) with Red Dot Sight, M1911 pistol
  • Rank: Lieutenant (SOG)/Field Agent
  • File Excerpt: "...very efficient, sent into many battles. Primary choice for high-risk insertion and black ops..."

MIA EpicEdit

  • Name: Micheal Walthers
  • Faction: CIA SAD/SOG, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Weapons: M14 w/ Select Fire, Demro XF-7 Wasp w/ Suppressor, two Browning M1908, F8U-1 Crusader Fighter with Four 20mm Colt Mk-12 cannons and a rocket pack for thirty-two 70mm HVAR rockets (originally flew F-4 Phantom II)
  • Rank: Colonel (SOG)/Field Agent
  • File Excerpt: "...with 42 kills on his belt, Micheal Walthers is a fighter pilot ace. In the first battle of the Vietnam War, he shot down ten enemy MiG 15s, however his plane did not have enough fuel to make it back to base, but instead of crash landing, he directed his plane to an enemy airfield. He ejected out of his plane and landed on an enemy river boat. He was surrounded by five NVA soldiers armed with AK-47s. Instead of surrendering, he pulled out his dual M1908s and killed all of the NVA soldiers on the boat, he took control of the boat and escaped to the American base at Laos. He is strong, smart, dependable and all around loyal to his superiors..."



December 1st, 1967

Ural Mountains

Warm blood ran down the prisoner's face in the dimly lighted room as the interrogater wiped his hands off. "Not a thing," said the interrogater, walking away furiously. The Major shook his head, and walked over to the prisoner. Slowly, the Major pulled out his knife and held it in his hand. He was going to toy the information out of him. "I do not know why you do not speak, American," said the Major, laughing underneath his breath ", it seems you've been beaten up enough, but surely you don't need to be stabbed?"

The Prisoner sat on his freezing metal chair, with the only clothes he had on being his pants and his bloody SOG issued shirt. Landon better be the fuck here, thought Wilson, shivering a little bit in front of the Major. The Major put his knife againist Wilson's neck, and growled ", tell me why you are here, American; or I will slice you open like a fruit!" Wilson only turned his head, cutting his neck a little as he moved his skin againist the blade. "Do it then....."

Jack Landon laid in the snow motionless, surveying the Russian camp below. It was a pretty medium sized base for the area, with other Russian bases being about double the size of this 'puny' garrison. Why the hell does Wilson always do this, thought Landon, shaking his head.

"Snowfox, this is Artic Eagle; you better get a move on right now or else your extraction is bye-bye," said the Heli pilot. Jack sighed, Heli pilots were always very teste when it came to low flybys like this one. But Artic Eagle had a good reason to be cocky, their was a whole lot of Reds down in that base, and they were armed to the teeth. "Artic Eagle," Jack Landon said, slowly getting off of his back knee ", I'm moving in." Jack Landon behan his trek down the hill, still in prone, to rescue his friend.

Jack had heard that Wilson had been doing recon on a new missile silo the Russians had built in the area, and had been captured by a wandering patrol in the area. After that, Wilson went silent. He personally volunteered to go on the rescue mission, and even help Wilson finish the recon if he could. Jack slowed himself with the pine trees as he began to slide down the snow. He was getting closer to the front entrance, and closer to the guards.

"Ты ясно, двигаться!" yelled one of the gate guards, waving on a covered truck carrying weapons for the garrison. Jack stopped, now what Landon? The truck had drove away, and he quickly surveyed the gate. Two guards were leaving for another location, and the one was now left there by himself. The guard looked around, and then quickly ran inside the gun post to listen to the radio. Jack ,made his move, running across the snow covered ground to one of the concrete barriers.

Jack lowered his head and then quickly peeked over the top of the barrier, he heard a the sound of a motor approaching, then several more. "Artic Eagle, this is Snowfox. I need to know what's headed my way 'cause it doesn't sound too friendly."

"Snowfox, this is Arctic Eagle. You have one bulldozer coming from the opposite side of the building and 4 trucks coming up the mountain from a tunnel below."

"Copy." Landon replied. He crawled through a maze of crates and barrels before he got a clear shot at the bulldozer, but when he did, he fired two rounds in to the brake, forcing the bulldozer to drive off the cliff and smash the approaching reenforcements. As the rest of the guards panicked, Landon buried two claymores face-down in the snow, directly in front of the entrance to the building. "Artic Eagle, this is Snowfox. Entering the compound now. I'm gonna ditch some of this camoflague."

"Roger." Artic Eagle replied.

Landon slowly walked through the dim concrete hallways until he began to hear an angry Russian voice, accompanied by an American one. Landon quickly placed a claymore on the wall, and ducked for cover has he pulled the detonator's trigger. The concrete wall exploded into different sized pieces, and the explosion knocked over two Soviet soldiers who were passing by. An alarm sounded over the entire base, and Landon got his face out of the snow.

Grabbing his sniper rifle, Landon quickly turned around the broken wall's corner and aimed at the man who was in the room. "What," said Wilson, zipping up the interrogators parka ", does it make it look too Soviet?"

"Heh heh heh, great to see you again, Wilson." Landon chuckled as the Soviet officer on the floor began to cough, "You fucking hick!"

"Anything we can beat from him?" Landon asked.

"No, he's not that well-respected." Wilson remarked back as Landon handed him a pistol. Landon kicked the Russian in the jaw while Wilson shot him point-blank. "Snowfox, confirm the VIP is secured."

"Roger Arctic Eagle, VIP secure." Wilson turned to say, "How the hell are we getting out of here? There must be 20 AK's pointed at every door!" Just then Landon's other claymores exploded, sending debris in to the base as a gaping hole in the wall appeared. "Not that one!" Landon said. "Arctic Eagle, move in now!" Wilson screamed in to Landon's radio. Wilson quickly grabbed the dead interrogator's gun, a PM63, and grabbed Landon just as the Soviet soldiers began to fire in the room. "RUN!" yelled Wilson, running out of the hole in the wall.

Wilson quickly ran across the road, with Landon following him close behind. The cold Soviet winter bit at his face as he ran, but this was only small compared to being filled with large holes. "Стреляй!" yelled a Officer from inside the room, followed by the choir of guns firing. Bullets hit near Wilson's and Landon's feet as the soldiers tried to stop them from escaping, but they still remained unharmed.

"Wilson," yelled Landon over the gunfire ", head for the gate. It was clear when I came in." Wilson nodded a little, and turned his body toward the main gate while running. The road was clear, and Wilson had a good feeling that they were getting out of this one; when two GAZ-66's stopped in front of the gate. Wilson slid a little on a icy patch of ground, and ran past Jack. "Wrong way, WRONG WAY!!!!" he shouted as he went past, grabbing Landon so he wouldn't run any further.

The two began to run past small warehouses of weapons and vehicles, trying desperatly to escape from the steadily advancing Soviet soldiers; when Wilson got an idea. "Follow me," said Wilson, turning into one of the Warehouse's doors.

The commander of the base pulled in front of the warehouse Jack and George had run into, and began shouting at the two Americans as his soldiers lined up in front of the door. "Come out with your hands up, and you will not be harmed!" shouted the commander, waving his armed jeeps to come forward. The only sounds that were in the whole area, though; were the sounds of the soldiers running into position and the UAZ's idling engine.

Suddenly, a huge roar came from inside the warehouse; causing the soldiers to shirk and aim their rifles more attentively. Even the commander himself shrunk down in his seat a little, fearing about what would happen next. Before the commander even blinked, a T-55 Tank busted through the metal door, sending some of the soldiers running as it turned for the main gate.

"Hell yeah, this is how you do it!" yelled Jack, watching through the tank captain's view hole as Wilson drove the tank. Wilson looked through his own view, the Driver's viewhole,and aimed toward the GAZ-65's in front of the gate. He pushed the throttle, forcingthe drivers to eject as he pummeled through the tanks like Moses through the Red Sea.

Wilson made a sharp turn, and began to go down the mountain's road. Just then, Artic Eagle radioed Landon "Snowfox, I need your location, pronto!" Jack smiled "In a tank going down a road, where are you?" Jack heard static from over the other side of the radio, and Artic Eagle finally replied ",Holy shit; I've got you in my sights, but I can't get you while your drivin' on that tank, I think I see a flat part of the road down there, maybe you can stop than monster and get in. Christ"

Jack thought about what Artic Eagle had said, and popped open the Tank hatch. Looking out, he saw the flat area of the road in front of the tank; still situated on the side of the cliff. He thought he could stop there and quickly jump over to Huey, but a fluing RPG right above him stopped that idea. He turned around, and saw two speeding UAZ's coming down the road, four soldiers in each. He radioed Artic Eagle ", I'm going to need you to fly beside the tank. We'll have to jump over, copy?"


Landon's and Wilson's T-55 Tank.

"Sounds crazy to me, but roger," replied Artic Eagle. Jack quickly flung himself down the hatch, and yelled at Wilson. "You see that flat part of the road there, George!?" Wilson replied, still looking through the driver's optics with extreme attention. "Yes, why?" "We're going to jump out of a tank, Wilson," said Landon ",over to a helicopter. You've got anything that can hold the throttle down?" Wilson looked around, was there something in this damn tank that could hold the damn throttle? "Wilson! Catch." Landon said as he threw a high explosive tank shell Wilson's way. "What the? Oomph!" Wilson grunted as he caught the shell, "Jack, if we even so much as hit a fucking rock..." "Well, what else is there?" Landon said as he shot from the

Artic Eagle's Chinook.

hatch. "It's worth a shot." Wilson said. As he propped the shell in to place Wilson joined Landon in firing periodic bursts of fire at the Soviet guards, all while the Chinook tried to match the T-55's speed. "This is Arctic Eagle, we are throwing the side door open, you've only got one shot at this, Snowfox." Wilson climbed up on to the turret of the tank, Landon could hear his breathing slow as he ran and grabbed the ledge of the side door and pulled himself in. Jack followed suit, grabbing Wilson's hand as the chopper gained altitude. The crew cheered as they accomplished their mission.

"I've never seen anything like you two!" said one of the crew members. "What are you, Greek heros?" Jack Landon began to speak, saying that they were SOG; when Wilson silenced him. "You can say that" said Wilson.

Chapter 1Edit

The Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy. Even without your participation all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to exist.

-Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11, verses 31-33

January 1, 1968

Hong Kong, China

The man stood smoking his cigar, with the smoke going up into the sky like smoke from a dragon. His military suit bothered him a bit in the warm air, but it was better than being shot straight in the chest by these two timing rebels. "Are all the weapons here?" said the NVA Colonel, looking calmly at the Russian with an almost fearful look. The russian took the cigar out of his mouth "Everything from the AK-47's to explosives."

The NVA Colonel nodded, smiling with his slightly yellow stained teeth from years of living in poor conditions "It is interesting why your 'boss' would send you here instead of meeting me himself." The Russian smirked "The Americans seem to be always watching his movements very closely, and he doesn't want to get caught in the middle of a deal. Besides, you already have the weapons you need for your governments little offensive, so why do you need to meet him?"

The Colonel shrugged "I always like to meet someone who is friendly to the Revolution." With that, the deal with done, and Dashkov once again watched as the NVA Colonel walked away back to his soldiers. For the last time of course. He began to walk back to the idle car, with the Russian SpetsNaz standing guard over him. For over a year and a half, Dashkov had been giving weapon supplies to the NVA for use in Laos and Cambodia a direct order from the Soviet Government so that pressure could be added to the slumping American forces in Vietnam.

He stepped inside of the car, while the guard closed the door behind him. But these petty weapons exchanges are only oee small detail in the plan, thought Dashkov, before signaling the guard to drive. No, this part of the plan was only the Communist politicians trying to, idiotically, bring down the United States. However, Dashkov's leader was the true man to lead the fall of America; and he knew it with all of his being.


January 22nd, 1968

12:30 A.M.

Kennedy Space Center

Jack and George led a small CIA team in to the mission control room of Kennedy Space Center, as they walked through the dim hallways, dressed in the almost stereotypical black suits and sunglasses, they were stopped by a security guard, warning them, "Hey you guys, I don't care if you look official, but you can't just interrupt these eggheads while they're managing an Apollo mission." one of the CIA tagalongs flashed the guard a gun and a badge, effectively silencing him. When the team burst in, almost instant questions erupted, "Who the hell are you! Why are you here!"the CAPCOM engineer approached Landon, "What the fuck? You're with the government?"

"Might be." One of the agents said as he opened a briefcase and took out heavy-duty listening equipment.

"Well, fine! Even if you have authorization, What could you possibly want! This is a test!" The engineer said.

"The camera; how quickly can we bring it up?" queried Landon.

"60 seconds sir." an agent replied. "What fucking camera?!" The engineer angrily asked.

"That one." Landon said as the black-and-white images were broadcast on to the main screens. "Wilson, if you'd please assist the techs in locating our targets, they should be somewhere in Siberia." Landon strolled down the stairs towards the center of the room with two other CIA agents. He stopped when he had the NASA employees' attention, and allowed his other agents to explain what would happen if they went public, his presence there was enough. Then, when he was finished, he signaled Wilson to kill the feed on the main screen, and hurried back to the briefcase computer set up earlier. "Did we find them?" Landon asked

"We sure as hell did." Wilson replied.


"The Fucking Yukon."

January 23, 1968

1:45 P.M.

CIA Headquarters

Wilson threw down the pictures onto the Director's Desk "Pardon my language, sir; but there's some shit going down in Alaska." The Director took the small yellow folder on his desk, and preceded to look at the pictures in the folder. Ant-like battleships and destroyers were the only things he could make out in the water. "All high resolution photos in there, sir." said Landon "There's some massive ship movements have been seen in the Bering Strait, but none look threatening as of now."

The Director put down the yellow folder neatly on his desk, and looked toward Landon and Wilson. "If they weren't threatening us, they wouldn't be there in the first place. This is why I'm going to be sending you guys up to Alaska right now to do some recon." Landon and Wilson looked at each other with sad experssions; they were going into the cold again.

"I need you guys to figure out why the hell the Soviets are near our waters. Get on one of those damn ships and find anything about this all."

January 24, 1968

2:00 A.M.

Bering Strait

"These black uniforms are awesome," Wilson said to Landon, with cold water spraying into his face ", and I don't care what you say." Landon shook his head, and turned his head back to the Soviet ships.

"Do we go for the big catch?" Landon said, pointing towards the battleship. "You know it." Wilson replied. Landon started the motor on the stealth speeedboat and headed for the stern of the battleship, gradually slowing and using the waves to reach the ship. When Wilson and Landon reached the ship, they were nearly caught by a Soviet patrol, marines. Landon motioned to Wilson with his hand, "3...2...1..." Wilson and Landon fell over the side of the boat into the cold water, and began swimming towards the flagship's hull,

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Soviet Flagship

When they reached it, they both quickly went to grab some air. Then, Wilson took out his grappling hook, and threw it up onto the ship. The hook latched onto the guardrail, and Wilson gently tugged on the rope to make sure it was stable. Then, putting his silenced CAR-15 around his arm, Wilson began to climb up towards the deck; with Landon following him close behind.

Landon climbed up after Wilson on to the deck, switching off the safety of his CAR-15. After taking a moment to shake some of the water out of his gear, Landon peaked around the corner he and Wilson hid behind, the Soviet Marine patrol was still making their rounds of the deck. "Shit." Landon said, "We'll need a distraction. Hand me that grappling hook." Wilson handed the coiled rope to Landon, who threw the end on to a wooden lifeboat, hanging by a few small hooks from the side of the bridge.

The two began to tug on the line as hard as they could, until eventually the small dinghy fell from its hooks and hit the guardrail below, shattering in two and partly landing in the water. "Что это было?" One marine alarmingly asked, "Что-то упало." "Эти проклятые новобранцев никогда ничего безопасного права, пойдем см. ущерба." Replied his comrade. This break from their patrol gave Wilson and Landon the opportunity they needed. "Get ready," wispered Wilson ",or else we're going to be in deeper shit than we are now."

Wilson and Landon quickly hid behind two pieces of metal, and waited for the Soviets to approach. Their steps echoed slightly on the metal, and both Wilson and Landon drew their knifes when they heard the Soviets step on the wet metal. "Что это значит?" asked the one Soviet. At this statement, WIlson flung himself from behind the metal, and quickly stabbed the Russian in the neck. Before his comrade could even raise his own gun, Landon had already inserted his knife into his chest.

The Russian stared at the knife in disbelief before finally falling to the ground. Wilson cleaned off his knife on the Russian's shirt, and put it in it's sheath. "Help me get these bodies overboard," said Wilson, grabbing the dead Russian and pulling him over to the edge. With a burst of energy, Wilson quickly threw the dead body over the side of the ship; which made a small splash sound as it hit the water. Landon did the same, but at a faster pace than Wilson.

After the work was done, Wilson took point with his silenced CAR-15 while Landon followed behind. "We need to get up to the commander's controls, that's where we're going to find any information on what the hell is going on here.",wgispered Landon to Wilson. "Roger.", replied Wilson, looking up at the ship's control tower. He and Wilson began to move silently on the metal; making sure not to catch any attention from the roaming guards on the deck.

As they moved past the ship's massive guns, Wilson had to check more corners to make sure they weren't caught. Slowly he and Landon moved past the guns, narrowly missing two Soviet Marines who were passing the gun. When they reached the ship's control tower, Landon managed to spot a lone guard watching over the deck from the second floor. Landon grabbed Wilson's shoulder, and pointed him to the guard. "Son-of-a-bitch." ,Wilson gasped.

The guard was standing calmly on the walkway, casually waving his body from side to side. He held his RPD with and almost knightly stature, which Wilson found almost amusing at the current moment. There was only one thing he could do. Raising his rifle, he put the guard's head between the crosshairs; and pulled the trigger. The bullet came out of the barrell silently, and entered into the guard's head in a spectacullar burst of blood. "Let's get moving.", he said to Wilson, before walking out into the light. That Ruski sure loved his job, huh?" Landon sarcastically asked.

After Landon's comments, the team moved up, silently, on to the deck above. With the guard dead, the pair finally was able to reach the command center, it was empty. "Okay, we made it, now let's find what we came for, some goddamn answers." said Wilson. Landon began searching alongside his partner, attempting to translate the notes scribbled on to a map. in the mean time, Wilson searched a few small lockers on the opposite wall, containg not much aside from a few uniforms and miscellanea. Landon then began to read, "Left port in Kamchatka, crew of 900, 3 ship escort. Carrying 750 tons *shit!* of cargo to be delivered to "Dashkov" (?)

January 24, 1968

1:20 P.M.

East Berlin

Colonel Dashkov sat in his UAZ patiently as the driver drove to the General's headquarters. On the other side of the road, T-62s, T-64s, T-55s, and BMPs passed him on the other side of the road; each sporting hitchhiking soldiers going to their mysterious destinations. Dashkov noticed that the buildings were especially gray today, partly because of the overcast weather rhat the two Berlins were having this week; which made him somewhat depressed. For even the most overly-nationalistic person that Dashkov was, he enjoyed the sunlight very much.

The driver turned down one of the intersecting streets, going past a small guard-post as he did. The soldiers that were on duty got up from their card game to salute the Colonel. When the Colonel's car passed, the two soldiers sat down at the small table and began playing their game again. Dashkov opened his small folder again, and looked at the date. February 2nd, 1968. Such a close date to do an extreme event like the Marshal's planning, thought Dashkov.

He closed the folder just as the driver looked back, to withhold the secrecy of the operation. If any information about the date got out to the common soldier, the whole plan would fail. "What is it!" hissed Dashkov, looking at the driver with fire in his eyes. The driver smirkerd, "We are here, sir." Dashkov looked outside, and saw the Generals headquarters outside of his window. On the roof of the five-story building, a single flag flew in the wind.

Dashkov's driver opened the door for him, and the trenchcoat sporting Dashkov stepped outside. He began to walk on the snowy ground, which crunched beneath his feet as he walked towards the stairs. He began to walk up the concrete stairs, and two guards opened the wooden doors open for the Colonel. He was hit with a warm burst of air from the heater that was running, and began walking towards the elevator.

By the time Dashkov had reached the fifth floor, the meeting was already in place. He walked into the room just as the General was speaking. "........Demidov, your division will push through the Fulda Gap while General Alekseev will take his division past the wall. I will personally take control of the attack on the pigs in Moscow." Dashkov began to speak nervously, "General Bure, I am sorry I am late..."

Bure waved down Dashkov in a patient manner, "Sit down Dashkov. We have much planning to do." Dashkov calmly sat at the table, and looked at the map of Europe that was placed on the table.

"750 tons of what, Landon?", asked Wilson, turning from looking at the ships log. "Of weapons, George. AKs, RPDs, RPGs; you name it.", said Landon, moving his hand through his hair. Wilson walked over to the map Landon was looking at, and began looking at it for himself, "What's some Soviet need with 900 soldiers and 750 tons of weapons and explosives in Siberia?"

" looks like they actually loaded this on board in Siberia, it's shipping out to Southeast Asia..." Landon said, his voice trailing off. "Fuck, this isn't the show-of-force Langley thought it was, it's a shipping run! Come on, help me collect this, we need photos, copies, anything and everything." Wilson and Landon grabbed everything they could and placed it in their waterproof cases, ensuring that the evidence would remain pristine.

After what seemed like a few seconds, Landon heard something, the clang of boots on metal, and bored Russian conversation. More guards. Just as Landon was searching for a way out, Wilson called for him, "Jack, Jack come on!" Wilson had secured a line from the outside of the bridge to the lower deck, which the two rushed down. As Landon stood silently on the main deck, he saw the shadows of the two guards projected on the ceiling of the command room; they were getting suspicious. Jack quickly flung open the steel door to one of the 14" gun turrets and entered with Wilson, to his surprise, it was completely empty. There was no ammunition in the gun deck. The pair then proceded to move in to the bowels of the ship, in to the cargo hold.

Wilson began to wander through the ship's halls, with Jack following him close behind. The halls were dimly lighted, and the smell of sea water radiated from the metal. Wilson turned his gun down every hallway he passed, ready to put a couple of holes into any Soviet he saw. And as he looked past one hallway, he did find five Soviets coming down one of the hallways. "Американцы!" ,screamed one of the soldiers, which made Wilson quickly duck behind the metal wall.

AK rounds began to fly through the other hallway, hitting random pipes and pieces of metal as the bullets ricochetted around the walls. Wilson blindfired with his CAR-15, managing to hit two of the Soviets and leaving three others to deal with. Wilson felt a tap on his shoulder, and felt a grenade go into his hand. Wilson gave the thumbs up to Jack, pulled the grenade's pin, and threw it to the soldiers. The soldiers began to scream, trying to gain a grip of the grenade and try to throw it away; when Wilson heard it explode. Some blood and chunks of meat went onto the ground in front of Wilson, which made him sick when he looked at it.

Suddenly, alarms began to sound around the ship, most likely because of the large sound the grenade had made. "We need to move, WIlson.", said Jack, quickly running around him and running down the hall. In just a few seconds, Wilson gained his composure and began running after Jack, still holding his CAR-15 with both of his hands. "Where exactly are we going?", said Wilson, turning down a hallway just as Jack did. "Munitions room," said Landon, smirking even though Wilson couldn't see hjs face ",we're going to blow this ship up."

"Why the hell would you expect them to have reserves ready if there aren't any shells in the gun?" Wilson asked.

"Soviets are being economical, George, they crammed something even better than bullets or HE shells in that room. I saw it on the manifest." Landon replied, sprinting with Wilson as fast as possible.

"What then?" Rebuttled Wilson.

"Jet fuel."

Landon and Wilson reached the door marked "Munitions" Landon kicked the door in, whilst Wilson killed the few guards present, shocked at the team's presence. As Wilson walked in, Landon threw him a small green satchel bag. "It's full of remote dentonated C4. Lets get moving." Wilson began to take the C4 out of the bag, and placed it on some of the huge shells that were in front of him while Landon placed in on the other rows. When they were done, Landon followed Wilson as he ran towards the stairs.

As Wilson walked back into the first floor of the control tower, a burst of bullets from the doorway came spraying out like a hose. Wilson ducked begind the entrance to the stairwell, and quickly fired out a burst of bullets. Wilson heard a death scream, and he quickly ran out with Landon, firing at the door so the soldiers couldn;t shoot at them. Wilson and Landon quickly opened another door, and began running across the battleship's deck through gunfire. Everytime they took cover, Wilson would fire a shot from his CAR-15; managing to send three Soviets face first on the deck, dead.

When they reachced the end of the deck, Landon shouted to Wilson "We're going to need to jump!"

Wilson stared down in to the water for a moment, then shouted "Well what are we waiting for?!" He dived in and Landon quickly followed, diving to at least partially avoid the gunfire from the decks above. After a minute or so of swimming, the team finally reached their boat, which was now a safe distance from the ship. Landon climbed aboard and pulled Wilson up. He then handed him a victory cigar and the detonator. "Not today ya red bastards." said Jack as he presed the button with Wilson, who sat and enjoyed the sight of the sinking vessel while waiting for evac.

"Look at that!", Wilson said to Landon, pointing on to the other retreating ships "Guess they knew what was best for them." Wilson and Landon began to laugh in the middile of the Artic Ocean, with the freezing wind still nipping at their faces and the only warmth coming from the burning oil from the ship.

January 25, 1968

10:10 A.M.

The Kremlin, Moscow

"A battleship was destroyed by what!: yelled the Soviet President into his office's phone " A 'muntions explosion'? How on earth do muntions just explode in the middle of the Bering Strait!?!" As the President yelled into his phone, General Bure and Colonel Dashkov, along with three other armed men, entered the office. Bure's men had quickly destroyed all oppostion outside the Kremlin's wall; and Bure's coup plan was going to plan. The President,, turning his head towards the small group of men, dropped his phone even as the Navy Captain was talking to him.

"Please don't", said the President; before Bure raised his pistol and shot him straight in the head. The bullet went through the President's skull, sending his dead body flying down to the ground, His blood began to pour on the ground, but the already all red carpet hid it well, Bure began to walk over to the President's table, his table now, and picked up the phone. "Colonel? This is your new leader Alexander Bure. I need you to contact
Tanks return

General Bure's tanks rolling through the streets of Moscow.

Admiral Tolstoy in Kamchatka, and tell him to send the fleet back out into the Artic."

Colonel Dashkov looked out the window of the former President's office, and watched as the tanks drove along the road, securing any pockets of the President's loyalists and destroying them without mercy. At the entrance, new Soviet soldiers were already standing guard at the gate, while other soldiers watched the captured political members that were working in the Kremlin at the timel all of them supporters of the President's downward road for the Soviet Union.

Dashkov walked away from the window and began to look around the President's office, which was plastered with Communist pictures and symbols to the roof. The President wasn't a true Communist at all, only a dog of the Capitalists to the West! He began to tear down the pictures of the former President, and stomped on them with his muddy boots. A new revolution had begun, and the West was going to feel it's wraith.

Chapter 2Edit

February 1st, 1968

2:59 A.M.

Saigon, Vietnam

"Why the fuck are we doing patrols so early for, man?", complained one Marine inside the M113's hold, waving his arms around like a clown "So what if the North Vietnameze invade a couple of cities? I was getting my ass laid god dammit!" Landon and Wilson looked at each other and rolled their eyes, being a sardine can with a complaining marine was hell more than getting up at 2:00 A.M. to do some patrols. Wilson and Landon had done harder things than this.

"Shut your fucking mouth, Marine" said the Sergeant, loading his pistol as he did "If Command says we're going to do patrols, we're fucking doing the patrols." The Marine scoffed, "I'm just tired of it Sarge. All we're doing giving the VC more advantage to kill us all, while Command gets to sit back behind lines and go yank off...." Without warning, and explosion rocked the APC, shaking everyone that was in the cabin. "AMBUSH!!!" yelled the driver.

The Sergeant quickly finished loading his weapons, and stood up in the small cabin to speak, "Alright Marines,

Johansen's helicopter raining hell on the NVA.

let's lock-and-load!!!" The cabin's door slowly began to open, and Wilson managed to look out and see the fiery sky that was lit up the attacks from all around the city. The NVA had made a huge offensive into South Vietnam, and the U.S. was still trying to get it's act together. "Everyone move!" yelled the Sergeant,quickly running out with his Marines following him close behind. Wilson and Landon also ran out, but quickly took cover inside a small grocery store.

Bullets began to fly through the already broken windows as Wilson loaded his unsilenced CAR-15, and began firing at the opposite building from his window cover. Meanwhile, Landon got a raido message from one of the duo's new heli pilots,"This is Alan Johanson, I see that you guys got some NVA on your ass; and I'm here to kickass." Suddenly, bullets began to tear into the apartment complex that the NVA soldiers wee hiding in, sending electrical sparks and dust into the air.

"Holy shit..." gasped Wilson, lowering his CAR-15.

Landon approached Wilson inside the small market carrying his Full-auto Remington. "What did I miss?" He asked. "You don't want to know." replied Wilson.

"Sierra-Alpha-Delta X-Ray, this is Marine helicopter Romeo 1, I apoligize for my co-pilot's lack of discipline but we have new orders for you from Langley." said the other pilot.

"Go ahead Romeo 1." Landon told him.

"You've been instructed to get to the embassy, evacuation of American civilians is paramount. They want you to break the siege on that specific block."

"And then?" Landon queried.

"And then mark targets for airstrikes via helicopter, one'll be waiting for you at the embassy."

"Thanks Romeo 1. Okay, we need to get to the embassy before it gets shot to shit. How far's the embassy, Wilson?" said Landon. "12 blocks." said Wilson in response. "Than let's get to work." Landon said firmly. Wilson began to move outside of the store, and began to shout to the Marine Sergeant "We've got a embassy to evacuate, Sergeant. Twelve blocks; can you guys run that fast?" The Sergeant calmly lowered his M60, and shouted back, "Of course we can, 'cause we're the best of the best!"

Wilson and Landon began running down the debris filled street, with the small detachment of U.S. Marines following close behind. In the skies above, F-4 Phantoms flew bombing missions on NVA tanks and other targets to weaken the attack on Saigon. While Wilson and Landon were running, a number of hidden NVA soldiers began to fire down on the streets, hitting some of the Marines and bouncing off the hull of the "Morning Glory" APC. Wilson took aim and began to fire at the windows of a four story buiding, managing to kill about three of the soldiers.

He then quickly took cover behind a car, where Landon was already firing his rifle at the NVA. "How the far is this fucking place?" yelled Wilson to Landon, firing his rifle once more. Landon fired one more shot, and quickly took cover. "The Embassy is still a couple of blocks away, but with these guys on our asses; we're not going to get there in time." By the time Landon was finished, another F-4 came screeching across the sky; dropping it's bombs on the apartment. The building exploded, sending even more debris into the air.

"Thank god for the Air Force.", said Wilson, jumping over the car and running over to the "Morning Glory". The Sergeant, who was still firing at a small group of NVA wholed up in a small park. The Sergeant looked down to Wilson, and stopped firing the APC's M-60. He smiled "Sorry about all the rough shit, sir. Vietnameze giving us hell right now, and we're going to keep hitting rough spots."

"Just get us there Sergeant, and we'll handle the rough spots.", said Wilson, quickly jumping on the APC. Wilson then yelled over to Landon, who was still firing at the NVA solders. When he heard Wilson's yell, he came running over through a burst of RPD gunfire. He then jumped onto the APC, and fired at the small garden.

The 12 gauge buckshot from Landon's shotgun tore through the small shrubs and fenceing the NVA were hiding behind, leaving the G.I.s stunned and Landon momentarily deaf from empyting his magazine so quickly. The APC continued to roll down the streets, stopping for the frequent mortar and RPG attacks the NVA attempted. After putting down what seemed like half the invading force, Wilson and Landon finally reached the embassy, it was dark outside, save for the pillars of flame and AA fire going in to the sky. :What the hell, this place isn't what command made it out to be." Wilson stated

"You mean under some kind of Barbarian siege? If that's what you were trying to say, then yeah, I'm worried too." Landon replied as he and Wilson advanced on the door, along with 6-or-so other G.I.s. Landon switched on his radio beacon, letting their evac chopper know they had found a safe LZ, and stood next to the door, his gun at the ready, with Wilson. Wilson aimed the barrel of his rifle at the locks, than the hinges, and fired. Landon swung his sgotgun like a club the throw the doors open, ordering two soldiers to stay and guard the entrance. The group heard a few small explosions in the distance as they cautiosly swept the hallways, and as they kicked in the door at the rear, they were more than surprised to see that the civilians, mostly dplomats, were already on a chopper dusting off from the courtyard. An Air Force Major turned in the team's ddirection and yelled at the grunts to start unboxing weapons for the guards already present. "You must by SAD X-Ray, glad you showed up."

"Wait a minute, you don't need our help!" Landon yelled."There's no VC, no NVA, no nothing for at least 3 blocks."

"Yes, we know, but we had to get you here without letting your friends know really why."

Wilson and Landon stareed at him.

"Come to the conference room, I'll show you."

Though the sounds of gunfire still raged outside, the three men calmly walked to the Conference room with ease; the Airforce Major saluting other soldiers along the way as he did. George and Jack, however; remained a mixture of nervousness about the top secret meeting and anger after being forced to come all the way to the U.S. Embassy when no one needed to be rescued. That was until the three came into the room with high ranking generals and CIA agents, who all sat around a brown wooden table watching the three come in.

George and Jack quickly saluted, when the Major motioned them to both sit down. After taking a seat, the highest ranking person in the room, a full general stood up and began pacing back and forth, "Gentlemen, we apologize for the trouble we've caused you but I'm sure that Major Thompson here has already told you our motivation. So I'll cut to the chase. Two days ago a Red MiG was shot down over the forest near the border, a SOG team was sent to examine the wreckage, and they found this."

The general signaled two CIA agents to present a burnt and dented piece of shoebox-sized steel, with a lens. "This, along with a Russian pilot and modified engines and weaponry is some of what we believe is being shipped into the country. We want this back in the states and examined, and you need to get it there."

"And that's our extract mission?" Wilson asked.

"Yes it is." Another general told him. As Landon, Wilson, and two other CIA men began to haul the camera outside, the Major said to them, "We left a few toys for in the chopper. Have fun."

Wilson and Landon both nodded, and continued walking towards the helicopter. "This is some pretty weird shit," said Landon, bending himself down in front of the CIA agents to get good view of it from all angles "Looks almost like my View-Master I had when I was a kid." One of the CIA began to speak, "That's because it is." Jack gave the agent a strange look as they walked to the helicopter, but Wilson automatically knew what he was talking about. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, he had infiltrated one of the missile sites in the jungles and had found one of the same metal boxes in a the CO's quarters. It contained very top secret information about the placement of silos in new locations, chemical weapons being placed along with the nuclear missiles, and even possible detachements of Soviet soldiers. Whatever was in this metal box had to get back to the U.S., because Wilson knew it was something the Soviets really didn't want the Americans to know about.

"Howdy guys!!" shouted the extract pilot, the very same that had helped in a fire support mission for the two "Welcome to Air Johanson, the one stop for some kick-ass flying!" "What happened to the first pilot?" asked Landon, who was looking at Wilson with a I'm very nervous about this look. "Oh, you mean Cpt. Ernest? Yeah, he got shot in the leg by a sniper and he had to get MEDVAC'd. Don't worry though, I'm pretty good at this flying buisness."

"Invest in thicker glass I told 'em! Those goddamn idiots in the brass." Landon shouted as he jogged towards the chopper with Wilson.

"Alright then, it's about a 12 mile flight to the nearest secure airstrip, and your ticket out. But since there aren't enough gunships to go around..."

"We have to support ground forces, we know." Landon told the pilot. "Right you are." Johanson said in reply. "And everything you need is back there: M202's, M60's, Flare markers, you name it!"

"Let's gat to work, then." Wilson smirked at Jack, as he hoisted a weapon in to his hands. "Ha Ha Ha! Charlie, hre we come! Woo!" Johanson eagerly shouted upon liftoff. It didn't take long for Landon and Wilson to see the intensity of the battle hidden from them at ground level, fires burned in many of the city's poor areas, and insurgents could be seen scurrying around US platoons like ants.

One of the first engagements reached by the chopper was a battle for the extravagant prize of an apartment building. About 20 Americans on the gound shooting up at about an equivalent number of Vietnamese in the windows. Jack told the pilot to fly in low and slow, so he and Wilson could mow down as many of the VC as possible, which they did, before finally firing a rocket in to the buildings corner and sending the floors above sliding down on an angle. But everyone aboard feared that this was just a part of a very, very long flight.

Chapter 3Edit

Langely Falls, Virginia.

12:00 P.M.

"Son of a bitch" gasped the Director, staring into the huge metal block that was laying on his table.

"Our point exactly." Landon told him.

"We've severly underestimated the amount of support the Red's are putting behind the North. It's become apparent that trying to take the easy way out is impossible, we need to stop the problem at the source, cut off the head."

"And where would this 'head' be, Mr. Director?" Wilson asked, but he was quickly uninterrupted by two technicians saying that the captured film has been developed. After flipping through projection after projection, most of them showing that the Vietnamese were well aware of the movements of nearly every platoon, the schedules of nearly every bombing run, and the paths of nearly every US supply route, Wilson's question was answered. A single photo marked "Test" showed the team everyting they needed to know. The picture was of a Russian base, from more than 50,000 feet up, well beyond the cieling of any MiG.

"Oh, Goddamnit." The Director said as he leaned in at the photo. "That plane wasn't our spy, only the messenger. Soviet Long-Rangers have been doing more snooping than anyone else." The Director pointed to an Air Force general and instructed him to carpet bomb any piece of flat ground with a hangar north of Da Nang, and sent Wilson and Landon out to the Kazakh Desert to find and destroy their plant.

Kazakh Desert, Soviet Union.

February 2nd, 1968

5:00 P.M.

"Two tangos on that hill over there, Wilson," said Landon, tapping on Wilson's sholder and pointing forward. Wilson aimed his rifle up to the small hill in front of him, and he indeed did see two Soviet soldiers standing on the small dirt hill. "Let's take them out, Jack," said Wilson. 'I'll take the one on the right. Three, two..." A pair of muffled shots rang out in the sandstorm as the two guards fell. Wilson and Landon dragged them behind a dune, coughing. "The storm's picking up. There's no time to steal the uniforms, just take the AK's, I don't want to risk a jam in this weather." Landon said."You got the thermal?"

"Right here." Wilson replied. He scanned the horizon, his breathing now audible thanks to the gas mask and hood getup needed for the sand-laden air. "Got it, less than half a click north. Guards are heading back in, I don't think they're enjoying the storm either."

"Time to move, then." Landon said, rising up and vaulting over the dune alongside Wilson. After a trek through the sand, they reached the base perimeter, taking advantage of the security lapse, the team decided to first sabotage the radio tower before heading in to the main hangars. Wilson pryed open a box near the base of the tower and began smashing dials and snipping wires, but a speaker attached to the opposite leg of the tower began to mutter in Russian, "We may need repairs on tower B, half of incoming drone signals are dark." Drones?, thought Wilson, What are the Russians doing with Drones?

After Wilson had finished with his escapade, he signaled Jack to follow him on the way to the hangers. They moved quickly in the sandstorm-striken weather, easily concelling their movements to the guards outside as the ran for the doors. Wilson and Landon both had minor trouble breathing in their masks, but it was better than having sand get in their eyes and mouth. When they arrived at the hanger, both of them put their backs againist the wall as two Soviet guards walked out of the large hanger doors, talking about a soccer game that had been played between the Soviet and East German teams the day before. When their bodies disappeared into the sand, Wilson led the plunge into the hanger; with Landon following close behind.

When both of them got inside, the quickly gasped at the sight in front of them. A massive plane was sitting in front of them, almost exactly the same to a MiG-17. But the most amazing part was that it had no cockpit, only a series of painted on windows that made it look like it was real, and that it........ "'s a bomb," said Landon, almost gasping under his breath "It's a unmanned suicide plane."

"That's not all, I think we've found our spies." Landon said as he pointed to a sereies of what looked to him like miniature blackbirds - TU123's. "I don't get it, the Soviet's want to drive the US out of southeast asia with the VC, but why be so secretive about it now? It's like they want to control everything directly from the Kremlin." Jack was spot on in this assessment, but he had no idea just who "they" actually were. His thoughts were interrupted, however, by the roar of a whistle in the distance.

"Jack, get over here!" Wilson shouted from the second floor of the building. By the time Landon finished climbing the stairs, he saw Three guards all lying limp in their chairs with their throats slit. Wilson quickly pointed out the Russian train stocked with oil and cargo cars, it stopped as the tracks just ahead of it had been covered in sand, and more than a hundred soldiers disembarked and began walking for the base, seeking assistance. The plans for demolition had become much, much harder.

"Son of a bitch", Wilson gasped. This mission was getting quickly out of hand, just like in Cuba almost a years ago, and he need to figure out the plan. "Landon, finish up with those pictures and lets start planting those charges." Landon nodded in agreement and quickly ran downstairs, with Wilson close by. While Landon took the last remaining pictures of the Tu-123's, Wilson guarded the hanger doors with his CAR-15, watching for any movements outside. The dust storm had cleared, and now the shadows of the Soviet soldiers were the only thing he could see.

"Done!", whispered Landon; making Wilson automatically get out his demo charges and begin planting them on the drones. The two began planting the two charges each on each of the five Tu-123's in the room, placing one on the hull underneath and one in the back. "I still don't understand it, Landon.", said Wilson "I know the Soviets have been heloing the NVA and VC a long time, but what gives them the idea to make half-suicide half-recon drones?" Landon shrugged, "You think it might be that coup leader in Moscow? What was it, General Bure? He might be building these things just to show "who's boss". "Damn fair assessment, George." Landon said. "But I don't think he want's to show the power of 'the party' I think he wants to let us know he runs the show. The drones, well, let's hope that he's keeping 'em confined to 'Nam."

Landon finished placing the last charge, a few were placed directly underneath the drones. While the remaining ones were over the barrels of HE chemical fuel. As Wilson and Landon scurried to the back of the hangar, the stranded Russians pried open the main doors and began asking for assistance, when the base personnel met them and followed them back outside, Wilson and Landon lay silent behind a crate. After a brief few seconds of silence, one guard started up a crane truck (the running motor was a dead giveaway) and began to head for the train.

"Alright, we've gotta do this Landon", said Wilson "Or we are as good as dead." Landon, holding his CAR-15, acknowledged Wilson's comment; and Wilson began to pull out his radio. "Zulu Team, this is Watchdog; we are ready to move towards the production factory, where is your current position?" Landon waited for the Jason Carter to reply, which in a short time he did. "Watchdog, this is Zulu team, we are directly behind the production factory in the Vehicle Depot. Find anything about what exactly we're blowing the shit out of?"

Wilson chuckled softly, and spoke into the radio again, "Drones, Tu-123s if I'm correct. Seems are Soviet friends are building some suicide drones for use on us, but that's not really certain." Carter swore under his breath "Alright, we'll be here. Just make sure you give us a single, ok?" Wilson flicked his radio off, and grabbed his CAR-15, and began moving towards the factory's direction with Landon, and started moving past the hanger's doors silently as not to alert the gaurds. He grabbed one of the edges of the left hand door, peering into the building to see what the Soviet's were bringing in. When he saw the barrells of tank fuel come into the hanger, he quicly left with Landon to go towards the factory. This was going to be a big signel.

Wilson and Landon both laid down in the sand dune above the main production area, overlooking an ordanance yard holding numerous Soviet Army vehicles: tanks, helicopters, APCs, jeeps. All of these vehicles were either laying on the ground or on train craters, ready to be sent out to various Soviet bases around the Soviet Union and its sattelites. Wilson and Landon were laying down in the sand, with their rifles pointed down on the yard. "Are you sure your ready for this?" asked Landon. "Ain't I always?" Wilson smirked. Landon put a hand in the air and counted down.

Wilson, eagerly hit the detonator, sending metal, wood, glass and every other material that might go in to a military base in to the sky. But Landon was quick to notice a whitish-yellow tint in the sand laden wind blowing around the base. But just as this appeared the team's HAZMAT air monitors went off, signifying a leak of chemical fuel in to the air. Landon shut his off immediately and threw his mask on once more, saying "We'll be fine, we've got the gear to make it through this." "Our ride doesn't." Wilson warned. "Shit man!", yelled Jason Carter through gunfire, talking to the radio through his gas mask, "What the hell did you guys do? Blow up some Mustard Gas or something?"

"Now is not the right time, Jason!", said Wilson, quickly sliding down the sand dune. He aimmed hs CAR-15, and began firing at any target he could see. He fired just one shot from his rifle, and managed to get some poor Soviet straight through the neck; who collapsed to the ground while holding his bloody neck. Then, he aimmed the rifle to his right, and fired two quick volleys of shots; sending two Soviets onto to a UAZs dashboard face first and another into the concrete. The rest were beginning to die from the gas in the air. "Let's move, Jack! We got some bombs to set!!", yelled Wilson, just as the base's alarms began to come online.

Wilson and Landon began running for the bases doors, still checking to see that no Soviet reinforcements were coming to save the day. Then, when the two reached the metal doors, the two both kicked them open to breach the factory. "Hey fellas." said Jason, before throwing one of the Soviet soldiers off the edge of the catwalk. "Damn, Jason.", said Landon, "Maybe I should stop being so rough on newcomers?" "So does that mean you will?" Wilson asked. "No, but put this on." Landon replied as he handed Jason a mask to replace the scarf pulled over his face.

"So where to? I need to get this film out of here?!", Landon frantically asked. Wilson thought as fast as he could, trying to think of a way out of the base. "How about we just use that truck over there?", said Jason, pointing over to a small covered truck.

"Better yet." Said Landon, pointing to an IFV just across the lot. Wilson and Jason followed him to it, Jason taking over driving with Landon and Wilson manning the gun, the first round went off in the direction of the front gate, with the turret quickly rotating to take aim at the remaining Soviets behind them, but the BMP's cannon made quick work of them. "Team 1, have all long range defences been neutralized?" the helo pilot asked. Wilson turned to look at the carnage, "Oh, yeah." "Copy, we'll meet you two clicks out on the highway." It was now time to return to Washington and get to the heart of the Russian spy drone project, and the people behind it.

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