Senior Chief Petty Officer Derek McKnight, callsign "Deadly", is a US Navy Seal and member of Seal Team 6. He is in military service Since 2008, when he fought in Afghanistan.

Derek "Deadly" McKnight
Deadly 2
Deadly's dossier picture


Derek McKnight




U.S. Navy Seals (Transferred in 2011) Seal Team Six




11 februari 1990, 11/2/90 (Age 29)

Place of Birth

Anchorage, Alaska, USA




Senior Chief Petty Officer




Bushmaster ACR, FN SCAR-L, Skorpion EVO A1, M21 EBR, P99


Derek McKnight was born in Anchorage, Alaska on the 11th of Februari, 1990. He lived there until he was 14. He moved to Atlanta. In Alaska, he used to hunt on wildlife. His experience of shooting animals made him a designated marksman. In Atlanta, he stopped with hunting. He didn't like to do nothing and he didn't want to study. So at the age of 18, he was recruited for the Us Navy Seals. He was immediatly send to Afghanistan in 2008. He developed his skills as a marksman. 

Service in AfghanistanEdit


Deadly at the base

He became marksman of Mike squad. Until his transfer to Seal Team Six, he provode overwatch for bomb defuse missions and killing rioters. In 2010, he served as part of the Special Operations regiment. In this regiment his callsign was given: Deadly. In his service of 2 years he had killed over 80 people, whose 65 are confirmed.

Transfer to Seal Team SixEdit

On the 29th of March was he recruited for Seal Team Six. He followed a completed a training and he was selected for the next mission on the 2nd of May.

To be continued...

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